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MechCommander / eacgamecom news and guide
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BattleTech Game / Re: Phil steaming live now
« Last post by Blaecleah on Yesterday at 05:20 AM »

We are looking for boards or clubs to design the work.

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So I will say, I am enjoying MCG Darkest Hours, the version I have is whatever the main thread is cause I downloaded it a week ago. I get to about OP 2 mission 14(expansion)? It's the one after you capture the clan HQ/APC/Command Center. What happens is then all my mechs are in the red for little to no reason(None of them were brought down below half), and when I go into the mechbay, everything is empty and then I crash. I am using windows 7, 64 bit and I have tried running the EXE 640x480 under compatibility mode but that doesn't seem to work. I am attaching the error report I have for you. Thank you.
It has been over a year since my last post and i'm still waited for Info on this.
As of right now, no international shipping from amazon...

BUT good news, as of right now we do have plans to bring back our own store, and we will ship globally! Please be patient and keep an eye out on twitter/fb for when we go live with it!

It has been over a year since my last post and i'm still waited for Info on this. 
This build can have fun value as well as pump out a lot of damage, Granted its slower than most assaults. If you work closely with Assaults like the Annihilator or Atlas you can definitely pull your weight.

For skill tree nodes double cool shot and both magazine capacity nodes are important. I'd invest into speed tweak for this build  as well, otherwise it becomes way too slow to keep up with the bulk of your group.

Other than that if you're looking for an addition to your arsenal of Dakka Maulers the here's a build to try out

Or maybe the guy actually has a life and is busy with other stuff. It's not like he's getting paid for this plus half the bugs reported on here, like the game crashing after Op2Mi13 in the expansion, have been mentioned a dozen times and RiZ has said they should be fixed in the next release.
I didn't see anyone talking about crash after op2m13 expansion.
The latest addition to the Dank laser vomit metagame

With the addition of the HBR-P Right torso the build is able to mount all of its weapons in the torsos and head, This gives the mech better ridge peeking which further aids its survival in extended duration conflict and early phase poking with a 64 damage alpha

Operations tree investment and double Cool shot is in my opinion a MUST with this build, otherwise you will be a toasted marshmallow in 2 alpha strikes. Also invest points into as many heat gen nodes in the firepower tree as possible for better performance

I have attached my personal preferences for the skill tree as a reference point for the build, Happy Hunting Warriors!

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