Author Topic: SNV-1 "Club Med Wubs" (8x MPL, XL 325, TC1)  (Read 608 times)

21 Feb 17

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Offline KH Slaine Sheolraver

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This probably sucks but hey, trying. Losing an arm ain't gonna be fun.
Any input welcome.

22 Feb 17

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Offline Megaduce Flare

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Honestly, yours just has too much wasted tonnage.

Here's what I came up with for my 'Octopulsy' build for my standard SNV-1.

- Standard 325. Sure, there are no center-line weapons on this 'mech, so you can't zombie with it & still be a threat, but since you can't put a 350+ engine in this, there's no point in using a XL engine if all you're going to run are 8 MPLs.
- 2 Jump Jets, one in each leg. If the 'mech can mount jump jets, you should mount jump jets. Even just 1 helps.
- Standard Armor, with the legs at 69 each for optimized tonnage, & max armor everywhere else.
- TC2 in the CT & a CAP in the head, both for increased target acquisition speed.

When I get around to building my 'Octopulsy' Supernova in-game, I may move some heat sinks to the arms to crit-pad the MPLs, but looking back that's really the only change I'd make.

14 Jul 17

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Offline Excalibaard

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Any build wasting 21 tons is bad tbh :P

This is better, and probably my favourite.

If you want to run 8 MPL instead (MPL are the best clan laser atm), just go with some memeworthy SHS.

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