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You are free to add bug reports in this thread. I see this faster cause I have email notices for it.

Regards RizZ

Play 1400x900 Maximum. Menu screen is always tiny on higher resolutions. I recommend reading the resolution notes I have added to my guide.
Screenshots would be very helpful. When you just play 1600-1050 there is no wonder you get problems. This resolution only works on certain cases. For all other cases lower resolutions have to be chosen. That's what makes MCG retro... you have to modify things before you can run it with low issues. I can't repeat that often enough as it seems.

2/13 is out of discussion. Must be my mistake. Something is messing up the purchase files. They need an update. To introduce finished merge faster i didn´t changed the regular ID´s of purchase files in master purchase file. That seems to have implified a mistake while introducing new purchase files out of order. The only solution i can do is to rewrite all purchases in correct order and update master purchase file. Then it will be possible to finish expansion, too. My bad. I will work on this issue first when i have more time again to focus on it.

EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x0060CBE0)

This is the only helpful information for me cause i had same crash too, still get it from time to time on certain maps. The mission where you receive falcon in regular campaign for example. When i cross the protected bridge with containers on one side and some rocketlaunchers and a wall - when my lance crosses bridge game crashes with exactly this error. Same in the first X-Ray mission where you have to get all those containers. When i cross the street in the middle of the map i get this error too. There are some more certain missions where this error occurs. It is an original error from MC.
The only solution i have is NOT to move across these areas of map. Means, not crossing the bridge i described but finding another way to extraction point. And this means NOT to cross the midstreet in first X-Ray mission but move across northside or southside of it. If necessary sending each unit seperate... - there is no way to erase this bug for me. The syntax of how MC maps are created is complicated, the coordinate system is a mess and when you open ANY map with editor there is no guarantee to edit and save it with LESS bugs than it may have had before. That´s why i made such a big workload to edit all missions for MC WITHOUT editing itself in the end. Means in spite of mission 1 - which is just a 100% rebuilt of original mission one from my side with a Mad-Cat gift - i did only to show what is possible to do. I never had the intention to change the original game, just to enlarge it, evolve it to a more comprehensive and complete version of that game i loved so much.

So Expansion campaign will get an update before december when i´m lucky with my time i can maybe have it online until september (end).

Windows 98 se install cd/iso you can download for free somewhere in the internet, just google. I later bought two original CD from Amazon but my installation is download from internet I burned on image.

No emulator, no dos box. I have a real Pentium II with 233mhz, 20 years old. Best performance.

Sure you can emulate, and sure there are ways to copy drivers manually to right places on newer systems to make it work.

But saving a mission, saving a dpk and compiling it to fst is only possible without bigger issues by using a REAL old system with installed windows 98 se... all other ways lead editor to crash or serious performance issues. No way to work out missions... when you place some trees may work... but creating real competing stuff won't work. It will just crash before you can save and finish it.

Editor only works on my windows 98 se system. Windows xp and above suck on it.

That's waypoint bug, read above. Doesn't have anything to do with your mouse movement. Solution also above.

It will be before December. Maybe I can do a hotfix together with some other things I've already done in September.

I already pointed out that all purchase files of Expansion-Campaign will be updatet and this purchase issue will be fixed - of course wasn´t intended and must be a small mistake i made myself while introducing last purchase update. At the moment im out of time, but as soon i can focus on it i will solve the problem im Operation 2, Mission 13. I made probably some mistakes with new purchase files.

In deutsch: Ich hab die Expansion als oberste Priorität aufm Zettel. Eigentlich läuft das Teil komplett bis zum letzten Level. Anscheinend hat mein compiler aber beim letzten Update wieder die alten purchases genommen und wies denn so is kann ich die neuen auch nicht mehr finden und muss sie daher neu schreiben. Da eh ein komplettes Purchaseupdate für die Expansion VOR dem regulären Updaterelease kommt, bring ich beides, Update & Fix in einem raus. Sry für die Wartezeit, bin halt nur ne Ein-Mann-Show hier.

MfG RizZ

The hud display with its radar screen has same problem. It can handle only 4 resolutions. The resolutions for radar and heads up display are from 640x480 to ~1280x1000, the green box which shows the actual map window can't be stretched over it's limits without showing little error in heads up. But it works without crashing.
Well I don't think that I can fix all resolution errors with v4.0 updates. The problem is that the system who runs MechCommander needs certain settings for making MCG work with no/low issues.
For example mouse cursor problems. When you play windowed mode it happens - full screen works fine. When mouse lags in spite of full screen and you got frame rate problems you need to modify mouse or graphic settings for example.
When you are using mouse speed optimization by system it can cause issues with MCG in-game functions. So turn of any mouse enhancing settings using system default options with low graphic settings. A background desktop picture may also cause problems with MCG internal color palettes. Using blank desktop background can provide problems with palette issues in-game. Also game should be played with 16, better 8bit color palette, best is 256 colors. Graphic settings should also be efficiency based default, frame rate can be optimized by turning of vertical synchronisation in graphic settings.
Next thing that cause problems with MCG are open browser windows, especially flash using websites cause problems with MCG. So close all browser apps before using MCG.
Another problem are media player software, apps - listening mp3 music while playing MCG cause problems with media players like winamp or vlc media player. So turn off any interrupting programs before playing MCG.

When you do all of this I bet you can enjoy MCG right now without waiting for next update. v4.0 will be 80% a story update. All briefings will change. Physically all missions and campaigns are done and already playable there won't be changes of mission order or in-game actions anymore. In spite of bug solving - of course update will include many small mission updates to solve older bugs.
There is also the plan to add new missions to enlarge existing campaigns making them going on after regular campaign end. But all what will be added will happen in-game after the existing story we have right now.
Resolution problems, technical issues with lag or other things like that have to be solved 80% by players by optimizing their system settings for MechCommander. That what makes MCG a retro game. On some systems only downgrade graphic driver (using standard driver) helped solving graphic issues.
That is also reason why many people said that it would be easier to remake whole game in another engine like unity or unreal... - but that wouldn't be MCG anymore. At first I only showed people how to get game working on all platforms, later decided to evolve it by creating a version that contains  all stuff for game that was developed. The base of my work is STILL the old basic MechCommander, that won't change with any updates. You have always to keep in mind that MCG is old. And such old software needs some small changes on players systems from time to time. I just try to help to make it run on your systems. I'm no professional developer neither I can make much changes in source code that affect solutions for all people cause the language in which it was written has its limits. So primary the way to make game work is reading the first post of this thread and gimme all information about your systems. Not only pointing out the issues/errors. Before being able to help I need YOUR PERSONAL SYSTEM SETTINGS.

By the way: I just play 1.024x768 - 1.400x900 resolutions cause they have the best performance and cause low error counts. Some missions for example won't ever be possible to be played in 1980x1050 resolution cause display just crash. Using lower resolutions can solve this they may cause no errors - also cell passing errors on way points may solve crashes like above. THAT WONT CHANGE by updated on my side. Maybe another modder finds ways to optimize things but I'm 95% focused on in-game modding and evolving by using game content I collected past two decades.

Regards RizZ

Resolutions work different on different systems. I have 1900x1050 running on AMD & Intel processors with win64 bit running nearly without any issues (cut sides are there).

No, menu is 640x480 - if you start game internal resolutions developers fixed problem by using the chosen resolution only ingame - there are only existing pictures in 640x480 resolution  - that´s why it is placed top left when you choose edited exe files. There obviously exists no way right now to solve this im sry. It depends on game is old... only way to enlarge menu resolution is by creating bigger background images for whole menus. When you create bigger pictures they will be cut off in lower resolutions - or in worst case game crashes with display error. So there is - even IF - no easy way to do this. Same counts for new mechs.

Now i celebrate my birthday. Lets see what i can do until v4.0 update in december.


Only ingame resolution is full screen, menu design was done for 640x480 only. There are no possibilities to make menu resolution optional.

This is a waypoint error. It happens on some maps. Workaround is possible by using other ways. To directly skip any mission just use cheats.
When it is a bridge... use another bridge or way across river or only one unit at time to pass.


I'm happy my game reached Korea, greetings.
For this mission exists a bugfix. You can download it by entering the walk-through thread for original campaign in my MCG guide or one page back in this thread. I've done two bigger bugfixes for original campaign since now which are not included in the current download of full version. The bugfix will change mission objective for Wirth into a kill all enemies objective... mission will then end when map is cleared.

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