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Sound Mods / Can we get examples.
« on: 21 Sep 17 »
Im looking for a weapons only mod.  Would like to hear examples before trying them out.  Any chance we can get youtube links to the examples in the main thread?


Party starts at 9am CST

So from the quick glance I took (i will look at it closer later when I have more time), did you make those builds with just the variants own omnipods?  Because from what I learned, at least with the Hellbringer, Shadowcat and Executioner, you don't loose a lot of the built in quirks be replacing one or two omnipods, so you can create slightly better builds.  The Hellbringer especially, can be built with 2x HLL, 4x ERML and ECM.  It can all be mounted in the torsos and left arm with heat management at 1.4.  Plus it retains most of it's built in quirks.  

I'm just asking as I couldn't dive to deep into your builds.  Good write up though.  

Video replay of the interview..

Community Events / Totoal MWO Fridays
« on: 12 Aug 17 »


     For the first time since June of 2015 I will be focusing my 24 hour charity Mechathon on homeless and abused children and teens.  This is a cause that runs very near and dear to my heart because there was a time in my life when I was a homeless teen.  At age 18 I was living homeless on the streets of South Florida.  I slept under bridges, and ate whatever I could.  It was a true struggle for survival in those days of my life. 

     Fortunately I was rescued by a very kind and generous organization called Covenant House.  Covenant House as some of you may know, is a shelter for homeless and abused kids, but the services they provide to those kids goes way beyond just being a shelter.  They also help rehabilitate kids suffering from substance abuse, provide G.E.D training, teach kids how to manage their money, help them find jobs, and even provide furniture to kids who finally get their own place after leaving the shelter.  When kids are at the shelter, Covenant house provides three square meals a day, a soft bed, and everything a person needs to live a healthy life. 

     If Covenant House didn’t rescue me when I was homeless I don’t know where I would be now.  Thanks to them I have been living a productive life for the past 25 years.  I currently live in a nice apartment, have two kids in college and work as a technology teacher for kids in grades pre-k through 8th grade in a small private school.  I give a lot of credit to Covenant house for saving me, and being a positive influence on making me the man I have become.
So on May 20th 2017, the 24 Hour Mechathon will be all about Covenant House. I and many others will be playing MWO for 24 hours straight while raising money and awareness for Covenant House.  The entire event will be streamed live to and also to my own Twitch and Beam channels.  We will also have lots of giveaways provided by PGI/NGNG. 

     Donations for Covenant House will be taken at the following link   All donations go directly to Covenant House as the donation page is hosted by and controlled by Covenant House.  We have set a goal of raising $1000 for Covenant House during the 24 hour campaign. 

I'll double check it tonight. 

Summoner / NGNG Re: PhilSpec Summoner's
« on: 5 Jan 17 »
So Phil... we are at nearly a year since your post.  Did you mean "coming eventually"?

Thanks but the one I linked is built just like my mech in game.  Not sure why the tonnage is different. 

Marauder IIC / MAD-IIC "PPCauder" (3x ERPPC, XL400, TC3)
« on: 3 Jan 17 »
Weapons groups are setup for the high mount on 1, and the other two on 2. 

With this build the TC1 only serves to increase target info time, increase zoom and crit pad, but it can easily be switched out for another ton of ammo.

I have to say though that this isn't my build.  BearClaw came onto my stream when I was still figuring out builds for the IIc's and gave me this one.  Ever since it's been easy as hell to get 1000 damage games, plenty of kills etc..

I much prefer this build over the 4x SRM6 for multiple reasons.  First, you can add artemis for tighter groups and better pinpoint damage. Also they cool down faster then the SRM6's and on top of that, they are cooler to run. 

**Note: There is  bug in Smurfy not calculating weight correctly. Smurfy link shows 2 tons still available while game does not (unless I am missing something).

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