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7 May 17

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RizZ´s Mech Commander Gold

MCG - Original Manual
Keyboard Controls - Overview for printing or viewing
All playable mechs - Overview


Original Game Content - Vanilla Game (not necessary for MCG-DH-Full Version)
Mech Commander Gold - Desperate Measures - Original CD/ISO - Download, (2, 3, 4)
Use Deamon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive (recommended) for mounting *.ISO files with WinXP/Vista/7 - Win8/10 can mount without additional software
Original Gamefolder made by magic on moddb - MCG Downloads
User Customer Campaigns Standalone Downloads by Magic on ModDB - MCG Usermade Campaigns (three builts)
Download MCXResolution.exe Files for following Resolutions (working for all MCG-Versions:
MCX640x480.exe (No-CD for testing)
MCX.exe Multi-Player Exe for gameranger

Optional Mods
Not recommended to be used in Multi-Player games unless all players have same settings - game will crash
because to play Multi-Player all players need the same gamefiles. (Synchronization)
Optional Weapon Mod v1.0
Vehicle Rebalance Mod v0.3
Mech Tonnage Fix v1.0 (all to be used single player only)
Hint:If you decide to try out these mods, make a copy of your game folder before. Make changes in copied twin folder and use the original one for multi-player. This way your not becoming in danger to mess up your gamefiles for other game features.


MCG - Darkest Hours FULL VERSION 3.0
MCG Darkest Hours - Full Version Download (Remastered MCG Version 3.0) for more mod updates visit MCG - Darkest Hours - developers Thread. DH Full version includes all what's necessary to play (ISO & remastered game files).
v3.0 Map-Packs
Old Original Map-Packs / Multi-Player maps is content of version 3.0, no need to download or install.
Solo-Mission Map Pack I is content of version 3.0, no need to download or install.
Solo-Mission Map Pack II - Download: Contains +50 additional Solo-Missions from smaller campaigns for free playing.

Multi-Player Map Pack II - Download: +18 additional different Multi-Player scenarios activated for Gameranger.
Russian Mod - The Repulse
Download from googledrive -  The Repulse, Russian campaign (eight missions) demo
The Repulse Thread - Analysis & Further Informations
- planned to be introduced as Solo-Missions into Darkest Hours v3.0 -
v3.0 Multi-Player
Download Gameranger to play Multi-Player sessions with MCG Darkest Hours. Keep in mind that there is an existing Multi-Player version on - to play bug free all competitors of a multi-player game need the same game version. Using Darkest Hours Version causes crashes on basic multi-player versions cause of its limited content in comparison with remastered Version.


MechCommander - Modding
NoGutsNoGalaxy Alpha GUI Modding Tools by Tigress
RizZen´s modified cMunsta Tools v2.0 Alpha
Editor Extender v1.0
cMunsta Tools - Download tools for editing/extracting/compressing *.pak, *.fst, *.dpk, *.sol, *.pkk, *.mpk games file formats
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide I - Campaign building
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide II - *.ABL scripting missions
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide III - Advanced features
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide IV - Videos
cMunsta´s notices for file formats used in MCG
cMunsta´s Guide for "Creating Warriors"
cMunsta´s Guide for "Creating Weapons"
Mech Commander Font Download Arena Condensed
Remaking Timberwolf´s Mod - Notices - two pages
MC2-Icon redesigned for MCG - New Icon (png)

Gamefiles source
Darkest Hours extracted files (game evolution through versions):
- all Original Campaign Maps (v0.a) Seperated into different subfolders (30 Basic maps & 12 Campaign maps) from mission.fst (gamefiles)
- all recreated Missions (v2.0d) made by RizZ - task to make them 100% working like original
- all 42 Original/Expansion missions (v3.0) 100% recreated - extracted source
- extracted 00_MUpdate.fst (v2.0d) (mission updates)
- extracted 00_RizZArt.fst (v3.0) (artwork updates)
- extracted 01_PuWa.fst (v3.0) (purchase & logistics updates & bugfixes)
General MechCommander Source & Files:
- MechCommander Gold Extracted Source Files from github
- MechCommander Gold Extracted Audio Source (Betty, Pilots...)
- No-CD-Crack-exe (only recommended for testing / debugging - 640x480 resolution)
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