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23 May 17

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MCG Darkest Hours v3.0 - Solo-Missions

With Version 3.0 Release of MCG Darkest Hours Solo-Missions are content of game. No need install or move files, just use solomissions button and enjoy. For users of version 2.0d or below exists an v3.0 update.

Put the *.sol files into your "MCG Darkest Hours\data\savegame" folders in order to activate 45 solomissions to play without errors on remastered MCG - DH.

Updating your *.sol files activates following maps for being played free out of campaigns with a budget like you get in multiplayer to make a team and start playing. I must say that the original recreation process isnt finished yet. But we are on a point where *.abl skills are needed. Well i can abl-script this - but there are many files to be manually written before missions back 100%. What has been recreated was all what normal users can do with editor and extender for MCG - but im working on solutions to make it possible to play original missions 100% like they have been in original campaigns, which are the only unfinished in whole game content. So while all need to wait till some things are fixed you still have already the possibility to enjoy Mech Commander Gold on a new level without having them back 100%. This will happen - but needs more time and is seen on long time conditions. For december 2017 the first original missions can be expected to be back. Therefore enjoy what´s have been finished so far (and of course try out the campaigns - with a view seeing originals as training missions in between some really hard challenging ones of user campaigns.

These are the basic Darkest Hours Solo-missions from v3.0:
ACEHUNT (original solo)
PAREDUX (original solo)
THEGUN (original solo)
30 100% recreated original missions from original campaign (0101-0506)
12 100% recreated original missions from expansion campaign (0101-0304)
= 45 different solo missions for free play
Missions are playable when using standalone full version 3.0 or above.

Have fun.
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27 May 17

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MCG - Darkest Hours - Solo Mission Maps 1-45

350.000 RP

Port Arthur Redux (PAREDUX)
600.000 RP

The Gun
250.000 RP

RizZ0101 - recreated Original mission Op1 Start
Starting budget is 1.000.000 Ressource points for all Operation Missions.

RizZ0201 - recreated Original mission Op2 Start
1.200.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0301 - recreated Original mission Op3 Start
1.500.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0401 - recreated Original mission Op4 Start
1.800.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0501 - recreated Original mission Op5 Start
2.000.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

xRiz0101 - recreated Expansion mission Op1 Start
1.250.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

xRiz0201 - recreated Expansion mission Op2 Start
1.500.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

xRiz0301 - recreated Expansion mission Op3 Start
2.000.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

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24 Jun 17

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Contains 50 more Solo-Missions to play, which exactly is shown on "New Solo-Mission"-List below.

Solo-Missions Map Pack II for MCG DH v3.0
Right, I  introduced 50 more solo-missions total.
I've got several smaller campaigns done for MCG which I would like to introduce as solo-missions to share with all MCG players these rare missions, here shown on list:
1. MechWarrior campaigns (21 missions)
2. 2ND Refusal War (12 missions)
3. The first offense (9 missions)
4. Yankee company (8 missions, originally 9 but mission two is missing I don't have that dpk file)
5. Missions from RustyDios (three missions)
6. Russian Mod - The Repulse (8 missions)
- all missions of TR need to be remastered (like original missions before v3.0 where released) before being able to introduce so this will be last.
Green = Officially released content for download..
Red = Missions need to be recreated in 3 phases (1 of 3 in work).
= ~50 total are released yet. Only The Russian Repulse Mod Missions to go (8 Missions)!

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24 Jun 17

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MechWarrior Campaign - as Solo-Missions

MechWarrior Op1Mis1

MechWarrior Op1Mis2

MechWarrior Op1Mis3

MechWarrior Op1Mis4

MechWarrior Op2Mis1

MechWarrior Op2Mis2

MechWarrior Op2Mis3

MechWarrior Op2Mis4

MechWarrior Op3Mis1

MechWarrior Op3Mis2

MechWarrior Op3Mis3

MechWarrior Op3Mis4

MechWarrior Op3Mis5

MechWarrior Op4Mis1

MechWarrior Op4Mis2

MechWarrior Op4Mis3

MechWarrior Op4Mis4

MechWarrior Op4Mis5

MechWarrior Op4Mis6

MechWarrior3 Op1Mis1

MechWarrior3 Op1Mis2

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24 Jun 17

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2nd Refusial War Campaign - as Solo-Missions

2nd Refusial War 01

2nd Refusial War 02

2nd Refusial War 03

2nd Refusial War 04

2nd Refusial War 05

2nd Refusial War 06

2nd Refusial War 07

2nd Refusial War 08

2nd Refusial War 09

2nd Refusial War 10

2nd Refusial War 11

2nd Refusial War 12

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24 Jun 17

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The First Offense Campaign - as Solo-Missions

The First Offense 01

The First Offense 02

The First Offense 03

The First Offense 04

The First Offense 05

The First Offense 06

The First Offense 07

The First Offense 08

The First Offense 09

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24 Jun 17

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Yankee Company - Campaign - as Solo-Missions

Yankee Company Op1Mis1

Yankee Company Op1Mis2 - MISSING FILE - waiting for someone who may still have it

no pic available yet

Yankee Company Op1Mis3

Yankee Company Op1Mis4

Yankee Company Op1Mis5

Yankee Company Op1Mis6

Yankee Company Op2Mis1

Yankee Company Op2Mis2

Yankee Company Op2Mis3

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25 Jun 17

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Reserved for Solo-Missions Map Pack for MCG DH v3.0

Russian Mod The Repulse - 8 missions to play total!

Recreation work... - in progress.

The eight Missions need to go through several procedures before being able to be introduced as missions into Darkest Hours. The biggest problem are the game balance affecting modifications which i will take out before releasing mission pack for MCG-DH-v3.0.

Mission list
Repulse Mission 01
Repulse Mission 02
Repulse Mission 03
Repulse Mission 04
Repulse Mission 05
Repulse Mission 06
Repulse Mission 07
Repulse Mission 08

Red = Remastering just begun.
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