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23 May 17

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How to install MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours?

Step 1
Download the Full Version 3.0

When entering googledrive it will say that file is too big to be content shown. It will also tell you that it couldn´t scan for viruses cause file is above 1.4GB in size. But you can download it in spite of that. Button will be shown in the middle for it. The file contains no virus or whatever. Only the game. You are free to scan file after downloading if you dont trust it.

Step 2
Extract the whole file with winzip or winrar. It contains this folder:
Put it whereever you want... - to your game directories.

Step 3
For Multi-Player install and login on, it needs the including MCX.exe path of gamefolder.

For Single-Player enter MCG - Darkest Hours and start with the resolution *.exe you desire to play. Notice that you need to use original disk or mounted *.iso (inside game folder) to play. Windows 10 can mount iso file easily, other Windows versions may need additional Software to mount virtual drives like Virtual Clone Drive (freeware).

Folder content for players. The MCX.EXE is the one for multi-player games. MCXOriginal.exe is the orignal one. Game can be started with it but no multi-player compatibility using this. Same with resolution exe files. They are intended to be used single player only. Windows10 users should Start exe Game Files with windows xp sp2 / (98) compability, 8/(16) bit graphics. Reduces errors in Solo-Missions & Single-Player-Campaigns.
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30 Jun 17

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How to play MCG - Darkest Hours online Multi-Player?


Download Gameranger from and install it. You need an e-mail adress, nickname and password - to register in this gaming community. All basic functions of gameranger are freeware and without paying it´s possible to play with up to six players in a MechCommander Multi-Player game.

You have to install Adobe Flash Player for Gameranger to make it run.


After succesfully installing and starting gameranger it shows you gaming community server lists and a buddylist. In order to make MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours running online it needs to be started by gameranger.

Enter the options.

In Game-List you will have to search for MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures - as Darkest Hours is a evolvement from this version you need to choose this one. Browse for your MCG Darkest Hours\ folder and choose MCX(.exe) for Gameranger. If path is shown like on screenshot above you did it right.


Now search for MechCommander - Darkest Hours gameroom or Host a game by pressing Host-Button.

Gameranger may send you a warning message for your router - ignore that and just continue unless you had no problems since now. You now opened/entered a MechCommander Multi-Player-Game. The start button on the right side starts game for all users in gameroom when host starts the game.

Your server is now is shown on Global-Server-List.

When all players ready the host can start game by using the start button of gameranger. It will start game with Multi-Player-Functions only now. This is the only way to play MechCommander online today. MSZone doesn´t exist anymore for MechCommander players.

Have fun...

... while enjoying full MP potential of MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours!
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4 Jul 17

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How to handle / change Ingame
MCX"Resolution".exe´s of MechCommander?

First of all there is to understand that in MechCommander *.exe files are splitted when it´s coming to play the game. There are two options to start MechCommander. First is for Single-Player Features (Campaigns & Solo-Missions). The second is for Multi-Player Online games over Gameranger (see above). All MCXResolution.exe files where done by magic from hardline productions & moddb. This way i want to thank him for giving MechCommander more potential by compiling those great files for single-player game features.

1. How to play different Resolutions in Single-Player Mode

For Single-Player games, which are the Original/Expansion Campaigns and Solo-Missions you just need to mount MechCommander ISO file or insert Original MechCommander Gold Disk into your DVD drive and start game manually by executing one of the Resolution *.exe files (MCX1440x900.exe f.e.) and entering the game. Here is a list with common paths:

1. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX640x480.exe" (only no-cd-exe - file for testing)
2. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX800x600.exe" (standard low resolution 4:3)
3. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1024x768.exe" (best performance)
4. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1280x768.exe" (Widescreen)
5. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1280x1024.exe" (SXVGA 4:3)
6. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1440x900.exe" (Widescreen)
7. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1600x900.exe" (Widescreen)
8. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1920x1080.exe" (Full High Definition)
Keep in mind that you only can run game with a resolution same size or smaller than your current desktop resolution. This means when you have desktop resolution 1024x768 f.e. you can not execute MCX1280x768, but 1024x768 or lower like 800x600 for example.
9. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCXOriginal.exe" (pre-set 1024x768 resolution)
for v3.0 users i have changed standard starting resolution from 640x480 (only menu fullscreen mode) to 1024x768, what gives a better resolution without changing anything when starting game first time. This point of list stands below cause you can change the resolution before using MCXOriginal.exe to start game. The procedure is the same like changing resolution for Multi-Player Feature. So have a look below how to manually change the resolution by using one of the four standard resolutions for MechCommander. But best way is to try out best resolution for yourself and making a shortcut on desktop for it. Higher Resolutions may cause more crashes. If you want to workaround choose lower resolution and start missions again when higher res don´t work on single missions.
Start all resolution *.exe files (Win10) with Windows XP SP2 compability, reduced colors, 8bit - this setting works normally on all Windows 10 versions. For playing with Windows XP you don´t need to change any compability settings for starting exe files.

2. How to play different Resolutions in Multi-Player Mode

Like mentioned above (Gameranger Tutorial) for using Multi-Player feature you have to start game with the MCX.exe of your Darkest Hours Main folders, path should look like that:
10. "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX.EXE"
You have to launch game via Gameranger by hosting a gameroom to play Multi-Player. When you just execute MCX.exe without having gameranger installed or running you just will play Single-Player. To change resolution you have to change an entry in Prefs.cfg. This file should be in main folder too, just where the exe files are. When you open the file with Editor it will show you a list containing some standard settings for game. For changing resolution just this line is important:

"L Resolution=2" -> to find in "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Prefs.cfg

You can change the number from 0-3 (the four basic resolutions of MC). This list shows you the available standard resolutions which are the only working for Multi-Player Feature at the moment:
1. l resolution=0 for 600x480 Res
2. l resolution=1 for 800x600 Res
3. l resolution=2 for 1.024x768 Res
4. l resolution=3 for 1.280x1.024 Res
You don´t need to change any compability settings before starting this execution by launching the "Start/Launch Button" in gameranger´s gamerooms multi-player game gets automatically started (Gameranger needs path to MCX.exe of MCG-DH-v3.0 to know what exe  it has to start). It is recommended to mount ISO before starting MP games but even that won´t be necessary cause gameranger loads ISO automatically from Game´s main folder. If you have trouble with Win10 try Compability Windows XP SP2 with 8bit reduced colors, should work to make it run if necessary.

Download MCXResolution.exe files for basic versions below
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