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12 May 17

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I want to thank all people who took part in my mod and because it's going to final step: being full version standalone.
This all wouldn't have been possible to be done without these persons:

cMunsta: His guides where my Modding-Bible while learning to become the game. Everything word he wrote took me one step further... before I left his ending path.
Confused_Shell: for optional weapon, tonnage and vehicle mods (only single player otherwise game crashes in multipayer).
Magic: from hard line productions. He gave me editor2 and extender updates and the downloadable original MCG game folder was the basement of developing remastered Mech Commander Gold. Without that ultimate wouldn't exist. He is the creator of MCXResolution.exe files!
Legend: From Mechcommander Online: one of the biggest thank you s of all goes to legend. He is same way retarded like me and we decided to work together. He held up the multi-player dream for a decade without really functioning multi-player feature cause 80% where fucked up by bugs and wrong or corrupted files. His passion for MCG and the golden multi-player game exe made it go multi-player on gameranger. This guy is the first address for anyone entering multi-player cause he is... simply legendary.
(I've changed standard resolution of multi-player to 1024-768 - high res exe files only work single player)
RustyDios: for bringing up many files for MechCommander which aren't even introduced into this built. Without him I wouldn't have seven finished weapons for MCG from Russian mod "The Repulse v1.7" including allot unfinished campaigns & missions. Stuff for being published MCG Darkest Hours v3.0.
: For giving me a place to publish and store brain data while compiling my version. Also many thanks for modding section. I will make it later. At the moment I'm working 80% on mechcommander online cause this forum has less issues technically based.
Splina: For honorable game-testing. He reported most of the bugs i have solved and this is a big help for evolving game.
The_Summon3r: the first person who found, downloaded and gave feedback to my mod the early days. His help to publish and ideas for game changes brought me to extend my visions for game.
Wolfman-X: on first days of my project I started to write on hard line productions taking bout my mod and he didn't took me serious and called me a victim. That was my motivation to show what "victims" can do. Therefore he deserves a place as warrior in my mod.


Other people I would like to say thank you for participating with ideas, being playing tester or whatever to help me being still motivated to go on and don't give up even when game fucked with me:

Briareos Kerensky
Iron Arthur
Wildcat STFU!


I never met them personally but i want also thx the people who originally wrote the MCX - Code once to make it MechCommander. They worked for FASA Interactive and took major parts in technical game creation and design:

Charles Oines
David Abzug
Duri Price
Erol Otus
Fank Savage
Jamie Marshall
John Giovannoni
Joe Sislow
John Marcus
Mike Lee
Rob Nicholls
Robyn Tisch
Scott Janssen
Tim Ryan
Tom Dowd
Tonya Labonte

and all others who took part in creating MechCommander (They are the Original *.fit file creators). It won´t have been possible to evolve it without the backbone of your work. Thank you very much and i hope you enjoy this tribute i have made for players - forming game like i wanted it to have for decades.
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15 May 17

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Offline scrivener07

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Big congrats man. Im very happy to see this project become fruitful after all these years. Your work is very much appreciated.

15 May 17

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Offline RizZen

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I only can say that each file ever made for MCG will finally take place in my remastered version when it's finished... Aslong it's finding a place on my hard-drive and is useable for game.

For first now my only attempt is to bugfix some minor issues related to player solo campaigns and then the standalone full version of darkest hours will be published.
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18 May 17

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Offline Sireyn

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Awesome! Thanks for benefiting the community with so much hard work!

31 May 17

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Offline RizZen

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Thank you, bud.

And again I have to raise up this curtain call. I got so many positive response ... didn't imagined before.

The stand alone seems to work in the conditions as far I could rebuilt the original missions that far. Still they are dumb 2 play and I'm working on solution to get original finally work 100%.

And special thx goes to
Drunk dude

for testing multi-player feature. Was big fun to compete on multi-player maps I played not for 15 years.
And I got the first one who played the original campaign up to mission 89. So with me minimum two players could finish the largest campaign ever done for mech commander.
He doesn't want to be namely mentioned but to answer the question if there really will come up new missions to play this campaign belong the regular end:
Yeah there will show up new missions. They are in work too. But primary I want to finish original missions first to get campaigns working 100% like they should. - DONE -

Have fun playing
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3 Apr 18

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Version 3.2 - Curtain call

This Mod exists now for one year. This is a point where i have to thank you. In the first place it was only me having a vision - of a game i wished for myself as player - then i made this mod. Now my vision turned into a way. A clear path where i can see where it will go in the future. The dream partly came true.

After i introduced first Standalone Version there where not enough test players to find for making a fast bugfix on released version. Time went by and i lost focus on that topic... - in december i got back on it - but started modding again in march. In these months many valuable Bug Reports came up. I could get an image of 'HOW complete this version really was:
Expansion campaign crashed in Operation 2, Mission 13, Original Campaign crashed on some systems directly after the last mission of Operation 5. There where many bugs like the Turkina-Madcat and the corrupted "Killing Wirth" Objective in original merge, two missions of Expansion merge where totally corrupted - was my fault i did some wrong entries before i made the
fullversion and that errors lead to campaign end abrupt. I want to thank those people for the fact, that this issues got finally solved and the result is Modupdate 3.2 - one more step to final Version 4.0. The first absolute complete version compared to the completion status of the original game - no better than that:

Ravens - for the report of Missing Extraction Marker in Op1Mis14 ! - Problem not solved yet, solution in this thread.
Splina - for encountering several bugs - most of them are fixed!
dashi12 - for reporting many terrain issues - some already fixed!
tobik_pt - for reporting the Op2Mis13 crash in detail - Problem solved and some related to that!
ilikeredheads - reporting the detailed Waypoint-Bug - Error report - there is a Workaround!
Gunner - for many bugreports, music & sound issues he reported and ideas he is giving to that project!

Other participators i would like to give a "thank you" are:
기현 남
Sublime Turkey
Ice Man
Wulf again - oh that was so nice :D
fuzzyNZ & holmaren
LordBraxton & Chapanut

Thanks to you and the other ~1000 people who downloaded and played my mod. Without you i would never have been able to establish this version. Version 3.2 of MCG - Darkest Hours is the most complete MechCommander Gold Version, that ever existet. It now not only contains bugfixes that original game had - although serious bugs from the original user campaigns where solved. They can be downloaded seperately in order to make custom standalones completely playable - what was never happened.

We are a MechCommander Community now
as it looks to me. Last year - this time - people only thought that this version is a bad April´s joke. Many others thought that i would be a one day fly... - gone in some days/weeks - i gave all doubters and sceptics a lession. The Mod stands on it´s own now and in my opinion its just - great. It wont get to my head. I know that this success wasnt only based on me. Without this website, NGNG - you guys, the players - i would have been able to do nothing.

Have fun, dear community. MechCommander lives!

RizZen out.
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