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25 Oct 17

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Online Gunner

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Another item - not sure if it's a bug or not.

Playing the expansion - just after mission 1 and I am in the Mech Lab trying to configure mechs for the next mission. I have Ilka in a Bushwacker-W with the following loadout:

1 x C small pulse laser - Load Value = 4
4 x C LRM - LV = 3 each, 12 total
2 x C ER medium laser - LV = 3.5 each, 7 total
1 x C LB 10X AC - LV - 13.5

I decided to add: 1 C large pulse laser - LV = 11.

This SHOULD mean that all I need to remove to make room for it, is the 4 C LRMs. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I finally had to remove 1 C ER medium laser as well. 15.5 LV points removed to fit in one weapon with a LV of 11 - that is some bad mathematics there! And there is no space left to add anything else.

The only thing I can think of is that the AI is somehow seeing different load values than what is shown to us for each weapon.

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25 Oct 17

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Offline wherewulf

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Windows 10
Darkest Hours V3.0

I'm having a couple problems. The main one is that I don't know how to exit a mission. In the old MCG, it automatically exited once you had completed all mission objectives. But in Mission 1, Op 1, I'm stuck. I complete the main 3 objectives but it never goes to the "win screen". What do I do to exit?

RizZen added an objective when he redid the game. You have to cross a very long bridge to the west and capture a handful of resources. Just be careful as there is a Timberwolf guarding them. You can try and capture the T-wolf (I can never do it) but just make sure you don't complete at least one of the other objectives before going after the Timberwolf or the mission will finish.

2 Nov 17

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Offline tobik_pt

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3 months ago I reported a bug for Op2Mis13 of expansion, I'm still hoping it will be fixed soon :)
Unfortunately I also got stuck now at the original campaign, Op2Mis17. I always try to start the mission with 2 mechs and immediately after the mission completes loading it says "Mission objective can not be completed - Mission failed".
Any ideas why this happens? I tried several combinations of mechs and pilots for the mission, but i can not play it, always mission failed directly at beginning.

Thanks for any help!

6 Nov 17

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Offline MoNrOo

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Bug: last mission Original campaign.
After the end of the mission, game crash.

Code: [Select]
EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x00644964)
Address  : 0x00644964
Location : FullPathFileName::init() +0x24
File     : L:\mcx\Lib\Cident.cpp(50)

Processor/Stack    EAX=0x00000000 EBX=0x0018F2F0 ECX=0xFFFFFFFF EDX=0x0000000E    Flags=0x00210286
===============    ESI=0x0079433C EDI=0x00000011 EBP=0x0018F128 ESP=0x0018F11C    EIP=0x00644964
0x006FC87C Logistics::getCurrentMission() +0x6C G:\mcx\logistics.cpp(10324)
0x0072C0E0 Mission::EndScenario() +0x4C0  L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1515)
0x0072CB8C MissionResultsScreen::destroy() +0x18C L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1827)
0x0072C561 moveOnButtonHandleEvent() +0x21 L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1671)
0x00609EE9 aButton::handleEvent() +0x1A9  L:\mcx\gui\aButton.cpp(254)
0x006116DC handleEvent() +0x72C           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3647)
0x006128EA CheckMouse() +0x10A            G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(4378)
0x00615846 aCallback::exec() +0x16        G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(6142)
0x0061455C aSystem::run() +0xCC           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(5407)
0x00610EE1 RealWinMain() +0x301           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3081)
0x0075F82A WinMain() +0xCA                L:\mcx\rmain.cpp(74)
0x00762CF2 WinMainCRTStartup() +0xCE     

Machine Details
Executable name           : C:\Giochi\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1024x768.EXE
Current time, date        : 10:43:05 Tuesday 10/24/2017
Executable time, date     : 08:40:44 Friday 8/25/2006
User name                 :
Machine name              :
Processor                 : GenuineIntel Pentium II MMX
Operating system          :
Version                   :
Time since booted         : 1h 42m 17s
Physical memory           : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Available physical memory : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Swapfile size             : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Swapfile available        : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Virtual memory            : 2,147,352,576 bytes  (2047 Meg)
Available virtual memory  : 1,956,249,600 bytes  (1865 Meg)
Memory load               : 20%

PCI bus

ISA bus

DLL Version numbers
amstream.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
quartz.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
devenum.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
dsound.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dinput.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'd3dhalf.dll'
d3dim.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
ddraw.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dplayx.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'dplay.dll'
ntdll.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
rpcrt4.dll - Version 4.00.1073
Ir50_32.dll - Version R.

Information returned by Game

ScenarioTime: 1744.42
ScenarioTurn: 370461
MoverUpdateFreq: 000.00
TurretUpdateFreq: 000.00
WorldStateUpdateFreq: 000.00
WeaponFireUpdateFreq: 000.00
MissionAppName : MechCommander Expansion Release  Version: -- Logistics
DrawingVFXElement : actor1

Mission 2x13 Expansion
After the end of the mission, when i came back on logistic phase, all the mech used in the 2x13 seems without weapons and if i click and try to go to the hangar the game crash, without the option to send a bugs report.

PS: I don't use the "new" mechwarriors, maybe it will help.

Thanks for the works, MC is one of my favourite game.

9 Nov 17

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Offline Sublime Turkey

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Also tried to run game on notebook for another test, same Windows 10 x64, but got this: "Error with application run 0xc0000022".
Hi all,

Just downloaded this and am keen to get it running but I'm getting an error similar to the above:

"MCX1920x1080.EXE - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application."

ISO is mounted and in a separate directory, compatibility is set to XP SP2 and 8-bit colour. Nothing else running. I've tried the various executables but I get the same error every time.

I've found this error posted elsewhere but no working solutions. Any assistance would be appreciated.


EDIT: Looks like the issue was not having Direct Play enabled. Up and running now.
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10 Nov 17

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Online Gunner

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I like and do use the new players, BUT, I do wish they had their own voices (friends, family, acquaintances, etc., are just a few possible sources for voice talent). 4-6 Mantis's running around a firefight gets real confusing as to who is in trouble or needs help.

And Boris and Magic's voices are just creepy. (That was keeping me from using them) I copied FoxD and Wolfs's voice files and renamed them "Boris" and "Magic."

Do you have a list of which of the "Pilot" Paks are which for the original characters?

I would like to change out some of those "Mantis" voice files for a few of the others in the original game (in lieu of actual new voices), sort of share the wealth so to speak. There are plenty of other female pilots in the original, but I don't know which file is who's.

I think it would really make this version a lot better if every new pilot WASN'T a Mantis or Blaze clone. Not bad-mouthing the use of original pilot voices, I just think it needs to be spread around a bit. (Plus, I would LOVE to switch out Thunder's voice with someone else. That "Already taken care of" is just annoying. I end up yelling at him "No, it isn't or I wouldn't be telling you to do it!" :)

EDIT: Okay, I answered my own question about who's who with respect to the original pilot voice files.

I picked one new pilot in a saved game I had - in this case, Cleo - and then made copies of all the original pilot voice files and pasted them into a new folder. Then - one at a time - I changed their name to Cleo's voice file (CleoA). Then I put this file into MCG Darkest Hours/Data/Sound - overwriting the current CleoA file. Next, I started the game and ran a test mission (for this it helped to have her as the only one with sensors) until I heard them mention their name ("Scarab here", "This is Blaze", etc.), then I ended the mission and closed out the game. (Yes, I did this 30 times. :) )

Even though I saw a pattern, I still did this with each and every file until I had them all logged. For instance, I was sure of a few, but did not stop until they actually spoke their name. So, without further ado, here is the list of pilots and their voice files:

1. Beast - PILOTA
2. Thunder - PILOTAA
3. Paingod - PILOTAB
4. Firestorm - PILOTAC
5. Vixen - PILOTAD
6. Hawk - PILOTB
7. Siren - PILOTC
8. Rooster - PILOTD
9. Isis - PILOTE
10. Gunman - PILOTF
11. Mystique - PILOTG
12. Gator - PILOTM
13. Spice - PILOTI
14. Baron - PILOTJ
15. Fiend - PILOTK
16. Ronin - PILOTL
17. Skater - PILOTH
18. Rebel - PILOTN
19. Hunter - PILOTO
20. Lynx - PILOTP
21. Hitman - PILOTQ
22. Countess - PILOTR
23. Scarab - PILOTS
24. Outlaw - PILOTT
25. Falcon - PILOTU
26. Burnout - PILOTV
27. Goblin - PILOTW
28. Mantis - PILOTX
29. Dragon - PILOTY
30. Blaze - PILOTZ

To give one of your pilots a different voice file, simply copy the preferred original pilot voice file to a new folder and change the name to the one you want changed, and then copy-and-paste (or simply move) the file back into the MCG DH/Data/Sound folder, overwriting the file currently there (You might want to copy that file first in case of some kind of screw up).

Example: You want to give Leya the voice of Isis. Copy the PILOTE.PAK file to a new folder, change the name to "LeyaA.PAK", and place in the folder mentioned above. Either save the current "LeyaA.PAK" first or just overwrite it. Now Leya responds in-game with the Isis voice files.

As I said before, RizZen, I'm not bad-mouthing your version (in fact, quite the opposite. I think you have done a magnificent job here!), just trying to cut down on the confusion of 5-6 Mantis and Blazes all talking at the same time in the same mission.
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