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AAAAARRGH!!! Same thing a few missions later when you have to use Outlaw and Blaze to kill the orbital gun. Osis' Masakari is guarding it and as soon as they kill his Masakari, the game crashes with "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion!" Looks like another mission to bypass until it can be fixed.

A suggestion, if I may? It would seem that these "special" Commander mechs are the problem. Possibly it might be better to just use a stock version of the mechs? Very frustrating to be playing along and then crash every time we run into one of these "specials."

EDIT/Additional thought: Any possibility that the previous post  about bad ammo readouts is related to the "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion!" crashes. Possible that it isn't the "special" mechs that are the problem, but the ammo readouts themselves?
Taking a break from the game for a short bit. Game keeps crashing on one mission. Briefing header says "Linchpin 04PRDNO2 - Downtown Lights." (Where Hitman joins the crew)

Lots of weirdness on this one, like Captain Ward's Mad Cat has all LRMs, but NO ammo. AND she fired PPCs at one of my mechs even though the data screen says she has none. (Mech "health" is an empty bar, no green, yellow or red.)

Then there is Kotare's Turkina. It shows two C-SRMs mounted, but has no ammo readout, BUT it does show that the ammo for his LRMs is at zero - except, he doesn't have any LRMs fitted to his Turkina. The briefing lists killing his Turkina as a secondary (not required) task, but he will find you and start a fight. The only problem with that is, killing his Turkina crashes the game with an error message of "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion." (I wrote it down this time)  :D

Come to think of it, I believe that is the same message you get in the stock game when Osis' Masakari blows up. (And also crashes the game)

Anyway, I finally had to use a cheat to bypass this mission or I could go no further. I hope this can be fixed as it looks like a fun mission, but for now...
Odd happening at the start of a mission. Thunder starts complaining about being out of ammo. Since A) he is in a laser and SRM equipped mech and B) no shot has been fired yet, this does seem a bit odd. Below is a composite data pic of his mech.

(Sorry for the weird colors. This is the best Irfanview could do with the capture.)

As you can see, he is out of LRM ammo, which is consistent with the fact that THERE ARE NO LRMS FITTED ON THIS MECH. Not sure why this is happening unless the game somehow figures a Mad Cat must ALWAYS be fitted with LRMs, so when it couldn't find any ammo for them, it has the pilot complain about being "out of ammo."
Ran into another one (Win 7- 64 bit OS) while playing the basic campaign. (Sorry for the sketchy details, but I just started the game again and replayed the mission)

The mission was the one where you have to get the sensor control, then kill the admin building, then go up the hill to the extraction point - right into the teeth of a Mad Cat, two Hunchbacks and five Bulldogs.

I dropped a camera drone behind all of those, and of course, they all chased it. When they did hit it, the screen went black and the game crashed to the desktop with one of those "something violated something" messages. 

Like I said, I just ignored it and restarted the game, so I can't remember exactly what it said, but when they shot the drone (LRM from the Mad Cat, IIRC), the game just stopped.

Also, I too have experienced the game crash in the mission with Osis' Masakari - BUT - it has done that in the vanilla game too - before I even heard of Darkest Hours, so I don't believe DH is the cause. 

I usually just have my mechs target his leg (and take the beating he dishes out) until another mech can capture that seventh salvage rig and then the mission ends. I don't get the Masakari that way, but at least the game doesn't crash.
MechCommander Modding / Re: Darkest Hours - User Feedback
« Last post by Gunner on 13 Oct 17 »
Question. Is there some way to change the names of the Clan mechs in-game to their original Clan names? I'm thinking about the way the rebalance mod changes the weapon names to their correct names - i.e., with the Mad Cat labelled as a "Timberwolf" instead of as the IS name for it - "Mad Cat", the "Kit Fox" instead of the "Uller", and so on?

I just think the original names sound better, plus it makes them seem more Clannish(?) with their original names.
Minor bug - All (?) windows OS versions.

Not really a bug in this mod/version of the game, but one that has been present in every version of this game I have ever played, regardless of the computer or version of Windows OS.

Not sure what to call it but from the very first time you encounter a bridge (original game Op 1, Mis 2), the mechs stop when they get to a bridge if they cannot see the other side/end of the bridge.

This is one of the main reasons I started using the "mineeyeshaveseentheglory" cheat. It can be very hard to get the mechs to go across the bridge if the other end is covered by the "fog of war."

Once I got your remastered version up and running (GREAT job there and many thanks for breathing new life into an old favorite game!), I almost could not complete Op1, Mis 1 because my mechs kept refusing to go across the bridge. It took repeated effort to get them to cross it.

IF they can see the other end/side, there seems to be no problem, just click on the terrain at the other end and away they go, but if it is blacked out (especially on a long bridge such as this one), it can be a real PITA to get them to even try to cross it.

Not really sure if this is something which can be repaired/fixed internally, or if another method is needed (leave a small clear spot at the other end of the bridge?).
Thank you for Theorycraft. Hope you'll get your PC in order soon. ;)
My computer breaking may have stopped me from doing any reviews, and I might have procrastinated the hell out of the Hellspawn and Thanatos theorycrafts, but damnit, PGI announced the Piranha. The second most meme'd mech of MWO's mythos. I've gotta talk about it. And I'll address the Hellspawn and Thanatos too, while I'm at it.

Piranha Variants

  • Endo, Ferro (arms stripped, 9 on head, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 12x MG or LMG with 4.5 tons of ammo
  • A single ER Micro Laser
  • 10x DHS

Since you have all those machine guns and not much ammo, you'll want to conserve it as much as possible. As such, I've incorporated a single ER Micro Laser into this design, which should allow you to easily take care of any armor that the enemy might decide to put on their mech.

Kidding. But yeah, the build's not gonna surprise anyone, but it's what we're all gonna be playing. I haven't gotten the chance to experience the nerf'd LMGs, so I'm not sure if they're still a better value than the standard option, but who knows what'll happen before release anyways. And sure you could drop the laser for head armor, but why would you!

  • Endo, Ferro (either arm stripped, 7 on head, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 14x ER Micro Laser
  • 14x DHS

Oh man, micro lasers might not be great, but they were made for this mech. The damage isn't anemic in these numbers, the range isn't horrible for your speed, and the DPS should actually be pretty good.

  • Endo, Ferro (arms and head stripped, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 5x ER Medium Laser
  • 13x DHS

Head armor? Who needs it! Despite that omission, it's a pretty solid looking build. Not super exciting or unique, but it should have some nice, high mounts.

  • Endo, Ferro (arms stripped, 9 on head, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 7x MG or LMG with 2 tons of ammo
  • 4x LAMS
  • 10x DHS

Even without any heat-producing weapons, I'm worried about heat issues with just the LAMS. Still, it'll be an asset to its team and the MGs make it so you don't have to compromise damage for the sake of AMS or AMS for the sake of damage.

  • Endo, Ferro (14 on head, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 6x Small Pulse Laser
  • 11x DHS

Micro lasers and small pulses, all the worst hits! But it seems like it just fits the mech in this case. But I also think this is the least exciting mech of the bunch.

  • Endo, Ferro (14 on head, max elsewhere), XL180 (145.8 KPH)
  • 7x ER Micro Lasers
  • 6x MGs with 2.5 tons of ammo
  • 12x DHS

It's not nearly as exciting as a couple of the other variants, but the mix could prove to be terribly effective. Comparing it to the Arctic Cheetah build, the alpha is similar but at a lower range and higher DPS. It could be a thing.


The Piranha could be a super strong mech with its absolutely insane hardpoint count and positioning, but the lack of jumpjets, the (probably) extreme fragility, and the non-ludicrous speed could compromise it.

Still, it'll get played a lot at release, it'll be a great performer for its tonnage (such as in group queue or CW), and it might be really good even when compared to other lights. I'm predicting a Tier 2 placement.

Thanatos & Hellspawn

I feel like the ship's kind of sailed for a full theorycrafting post dedicated to these two mechs, but I want to give my hot take on the most exciting builds offered by each.

Thanatos TNS-5T
  • Endo, Light Ferro (53 per leg, max elsewhere), XL340 (73.4 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 6x Stream SRM6 with 5 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS, ECM

Regular SRMs are cool too, and you can do that with an LFE300, 7 tons of ammo, and 13 heatsinks, but this streak build made more sense to me with the way that the Thanatos is set up. Fits the ghost heat profile better, fits the mount positions better, just works in general a bit more goodly.

Thanatos TNS-4P
  • Endo, Armor (RA stripped, 57 per leg, max elsewhere), LFE280 (60.5 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 2x AC/5 with 4.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x PPC
  • 15 DHS

The UAC version could be better, but it basically requires an XL. We'll see how the side torsos turn out for that. The same basic philosophy applies, though, and it's a philosophy that we know works. Not as strong as it once was, but it's sure to be good nonetheless.

Hellspawn Paralyzer
  • Endo, LFerro (head at 17, max elsewhere), LFE295 (106.2 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 6x ER Medium Laser
  • 16 DHS, ECM

Clearly the best Hellspawn variant. Like, it's not even close. In terms of hardpoints it's basically a BJ-3 with ECM instead of high mounts, and missile hardpoints instead of ballistic. Honestly, it'll probably be a pretty good little mech.

Hellspawn HSN-9F
  • Endo, LFerro (LA stripped, head at 11, max elsewhere), XL255 (91.8 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 4x Artemis SRM6 with 4.5 tons of ammo
  • 11 DHS

It's a serviceable little brawler, but it doesn't really match up well against its competition in the medium class. Not only are the bigger mechs better at this exact build (extra heat sinks, ammo, and jumpjets), but the Assassin is likely going to remain the better choice at the lower end of the weight spectrum.


At the end of the day, PGI's mechpack-driven approach to revenue is notably less appealing post-skill tree. Even when 3 of a chassis was a requirement for mastery, the inability to choose which three C-Bill variants you wanted was a huge issue. Now that you can one-and-done it, the lack of choice is indefensible.

Obviously, this doesn't really matter for PGI as long as people pay for it anyways. But perhaps it's time to change the pricing structure to something like having single variants cost $10, and if you buy 2 you get one free. Still not a great value proposition, but...the current system is really not the best.

Really it should be more like $5 per variant, and if you buy 3 you have the option to get all the bonuses (like premium time, camo, etc.) for another $5.

But I'm not holding my breath.

GMan129 is an officer of the Steel Jaguar competitive team, he is the owner of and writer for MetaMechs, and he does some writing for NGNG as well. He has been playing MechWarrior Online since the early days of closed beta, and has spent far too much time and money on this crap. If you're interested in supporting his self-destruction, consider checking out his Patreon!
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
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Recent commission work

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