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MechCommander Modding / Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Discussion Thread
« Last post by dashi112 on Today at 07:35 AM »
I understand that, thank you :)

MechCommander / Re: PKK work - starting conditions
« Last post by mrZonke on Yesterday at 09:22 PM »
Hi RizZen and anyone else.

I've been enjoying Darkest Hours v3 for a couple of weeks now.
It's an amazing release and I'm so happy and grateful this old game still gets such love, I've been playing it on and off for almost 20 years :D

Thought I'd share my custom start0.pkk in case anyones interested.

All four starting pilots are green. 
3000 RP
Starting mechs are two Commando-A and one Firestarter-J with heavy flamer and large laser (I'm pretending it's two COM-2D's and an FS9-K).
No components in inventory and none available for purchase at the start.

I like playing the campaigns sticking to MCG interpretations of canonical variants and then "selling" extra pilots (personal) to represent man hours for reasonable modifications :p 
Along with a slew of other compulsive rules made up, it makes the game more interesting and immersive for an old battletech lore buff lol

Anyways, thank you so much for the awesome release!!!

true that...its so well hidden :)

are not showed up even if i reveal whole map with a cheat (doesnt appear as a red points on map) because doesnt have pilots untill you go close with units. Pretty smart lance :)
MechCommander Modding / MCG - DHo Op02Mis17 - Hidden forces
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 04:10 PM »

Hidden Lance
Op2-Mis17 secondary objective complete...
I bet you have forgotten the hidden units in this wood above city where you have to find some commandos (west-side of map) at the beginning of mission. There are one Stiletto, a Firestarter and two hunchback hidden in the wood.
Sry but no bug this time.
OP.2 MIS.17

Secondary objective "Destroy all enemys" not working.
Valhalla Club / Re: Person Behind the Mech!
« Last post by MotioN on Yesterday at 10:36 AM »
Me n the Wife haha
You know I'm down Tregtronics! Can't wait!
<hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5> 


***ATTN All Mechwarriors in and around San Diego Combat Theatre***

Immediate assemblage of Company Sized task force required. Embark upon beer laden Jump Ship designation: Scavengers Pinzgauer

Eliminate all cold frothy beverages in sight across multiple combat zones 

Sensitive material and personnel may be on board! Be advised.
Respond to CO Tregtronics with combat availability and efficiency. 
Salvage Rights: Company forgoes salvage rights on this op in favor of bonus payout


Thank you for choosing ComStar
</hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5>

Hey there MWO fans,
UPDATE Safari Class Dropship Inbound:
July 22, 2017, 1030am-3pm.  Carlsbad Train Station Pickup/Dropoff.  BBQ and Beer, ~$110/person.  6 slots left.

I have been thinking how cool it would be to do a San Diego beer tour with some of the MWO fans out there in and around San Diego.  San Diego has a North County, Mid-Town and South County flavors of beer that are all great to taste.  We are legendary for our IPA's due to our crap water in town.  

I was chatting with Prophet OFC and Gimpy21 about it on Twitch, and I am making it happen before the summer slips away.  There are quite a few San Diego people, and a more from Southern California that may want to come down for a beer tour.  Some may be in town for Comic-Con.

Primary Objectives
  • San Diego beer tour for MWO fans.
  • Fill up a 12 person safari-battle-bus with MWO fans
  • Try to get a couple of the streamers together and stoke them out with free beer and fun for always entertaining us
Secondary Objectives
  • Make a game rig(s) available (my Gaming laptop is open to take with us on the tour for instance).
  • Finish with dinner at Ballast Point or Stone?
  • Check out Comic-Con area in the PM if we want

I put a deposit up a charter on one of these,I think this would be a perfect MWO beer tour bus:

Valhalla Club / Re: Person Behind the Mech!
« Last post by RizZen on 27 Jun 17 »
Play my remastered MechCommander!

I know this is a picture-thread - so i think i´ll have to show you the person behind that "Modders"-Profile//Mech, so here i am:

Sry im not wearing any BattleTech related shirts...
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