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22 Sep 16

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The Night Gyr should, by all rights, be OP. It has better hardpoints than any Clan heavy in the game, it has more pod space than any omnimech but the Dire Wolf (Warhawk...debateable), and it comes with lots of jumpjets that don't even generate heat due to the laser heat sinks. It should be broken as hell. But from what I've experienced, it's merely incredibly strong.

The size, shape, and speed of the Night Gyr hold it back (thankfully), and draw an easy comparison to the Timber Wolf. The Timber remains one of the tankier heavy mechs in the game because of these three factors - it's relatively small, its body is round with relatively indistinct hitboxes, and its speed helps it get out of sticky situations. By comparison, the Night Gyr is tall as hell, relatively flat with clearly defined hitboxes, and it's the slowest heavy omnimech in the game; its speed more comparable to a fast Assault (which is only fair).

All that being said, the Night Gyr is the culmination of a lot of personal mech fantasies, similar to how the Kodiak was. A heavy mech poptarting with 2 Gauss Rifles and a PPC is the dream, baby, and this thing makes that CTF-3D build look like an absolute joke. Of course, we also have many of the obvious dakka builds, but what really makes me happy about this mech is the number of weird builds that actually work pretty well in this thing. I think this might just be a result of how oddly spaced out the hardpoints are - some builds that could have been amazing aren't doable because of the crit slot limitations, so these weird facsimiles get their moment in the sun.

But enough generalities, let's look at the nitty gritty.



This build has easily given me both the most success and the most fun - not particularly surprising given my love for the Timber Wolf. But the extra damage and lack of heat limitation that this build holds over the Timber poptart really set it off.

The problem is, it's a very unforgiving mech to play. Your arm mounts aren't terribly low, but you still have to expose much more than a Timber does, and speaking of arm mounts...the Gauss convergence isn't particularly lovely (though it absolutely could be way worse). Add onto that the fact that you're going about 18 KPH slower, and it's just a really vulnerable mech.

A very powerful, vulnerable mech.

You can also run this build with Dakka or less Gauss, but those are way less cool.


It certainly doesn't mitigate any of the vulnerability issues coming from the previous build...but it doesn't lose any firepower either. It's one of the highest DPS builds you can run on the mech, and the main strike I have against it is that it runs out of ammo fairly quickly. That being said, it also does a lot of damage fairly quickly, and you should be able to get over 1k in any game that runs you dry.

There are lots of other dakka options to consider (UAC/5s, UAC/10s, UAC/2s, other hybrids), and one of those may prove superior in time, but right now this is my favorite.

Gauss Vomit

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this. It seemed like it would be way too hot for not nearly enough damage, but it was actually quite manageable. And the quirks ended up playing a considerable role in making this build work for me. That being said, it's not the main Gauss Vomit build that you're likely to see on this chassis.

I imagine most people will be running this build a bit differently, however. Dual Gauss with lasers is the obvious choice, and you can upgrade to a Large Pulse too. Or ER Larges. Or Med Pulse. There's just so much you can do!


This is the my favorite of the wacky builds. A bit light on Gauss ammo for my taste, but it actual worked out surprisingly well for me. I mean, a lot of people are running the poptart with one Gauss and 2 PPCs, and why run 2 PPCs when you can run 2 UAC/10s! Don't answer that.

I also really ended up liking this version of the poptart build with a UAC/5 instead of a PPC. Mainly because I wanted to take full advantage of them quirks, but it's also just kind of fun.


The Night Gyr is variety incarnate. Not only can it run many different sorts of builds, I simply can't not mention all of the different ways it can run those archetypes. Just in the dakka category, there are multiple completely legitimate options, and I think mechs with this great a variety are generally healthy for the game. And I didn't even mention the brawling builds...or the LRM builds...

I'm also decently pleased with how many of the core builds are completely doable with just the base pack of 3 variants. There are absolutely some interesting options that aren't doable without buying into the reinforcement or hero packs, and that does not make me a happy chappy, but only a few of the strongest builds require over a $20 investment.


I'm happy with many things about this mech. And since it's not a Kodiak, it can't be all that OP. But I do think it's too strong for a pre-order mech. And I mean, I'm always gonna feel that way about any pre-order mech that performs at a high level, which is why I really hate the mech pack model...but there's not much I can really do about that.

I still need to do more testing, but my first impressions are placing the Night Gyr in Tier 1. It just has so many guns that I can overlook its weaknesses in other areas, and it just performs, man. I also get the feeling that once we see it in comp, it could really explode. So we'll see how it shakes out once the Night Gyr craze is over.


Off: 9
Def: 5
Mob: 6
Fun: 8
OVR: 7

For what it's worth, I know these scores are silly, subjective, and just about irrelevant. Just kinda feels good to put abstract concepts into numerical form. Tickles part of my brain.

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