Author Topic: JR7-IIC "Iron Oxide" ( 2x SRM6, 2x SRM4, 2x SRM2, 2xJJ, XL295 ) [Video Demo]  (Read 746 times)

30 Sep 16

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This is a splat variant of the Jenner IIC that is designed to play much like the oxide (most JR7-IICs are as well) - once you get used to the flight time on the missiles, you will find this build to be a lot better at light hunting than its Streak counterpart (and this one is infinitely better at hunting heavies/assaults).

The reason for staggered SRM types (2/2/2) split is actually two-fold - Ghost Heat concerns (SRM4/SRM6 ghost heat), as well as fire staggering - the 4s/2s in the arms for faster cooldown, allowing you to do snap shots even if your SRM6s haven't cooled down, as well as allowing you to do airborn attacks with them (I recommend a spare firegroup of just arm missiles, with your main firegroup being the entire splat). This cooldown allowing staggered fire is also good for target pursuit, allowing you to launch essentially chain-fired volleys without having to manually switch to chain fire.

I went with 2 JJ instead of an extra half ton of ammo to be just a bit more mobile (2x JJ feels ideal for Canyon, but isn't quite there in HPG).

Range Extension on SRMs is preferred for me, but cooldown is fine as well.

Primary Playstyle of this mech is Harasser, Spine Ripper, and Squirrel - you can scout, but remember you don't have ECM, so you have to be more careful.

(video: )
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