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16 May 17

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Latest news (May 2017)

MCG Darkest Hours - Free Full Version 3.0 - Download page

All things below are done and officially introduced into v3.0.

Old thread content
Last steps for game mod to get full version standalone are two update processes without I won't go into standalone:
- purchase files 00-91 of original campaign - bugfixes & balance
- solo mission patch (the solo missions already introduced but need an update like multi-player missions - bit different cause I need to do a bit more to get them working fine)
The standalone already exists (Mod 2.0 + 2.0b+2.0b artwork + 2.0d multi-player patch) - and you are using already the version which will come out. Playing and developing similar... only possible on no guts no galaxy!

MCG Darkest Hours Guide
Mech Commander Gold - Darkest Hours (Fully remastered) - Guide
Contains information, pictures and articles for remastered MCG and all its features.

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