Author Topic: MDD-A "Hot Mess" (6x SRM6, 5x MPL,) or (6x SRM6, 3x MPL, 2x LPL)  (Read 317 times)

5 Apr 17

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So I was bored at work and messing around on smurfy. I have a nice mix of IS and Clan mechs and have been thinking about picking up a Mad Dog. Not really sure how I want to build him and I came up with two hot builds. Mostly looking for input.

This is what I came up with first. Its pretty hot. I'm pretty sure an alpha will trigger a shutdown. The laser and missile mix is mostly to keep my engagement options open.

This is my attempt to cool off the previous build. Though I'm not sure it will really matter.

Any input would be good. I usually prefer to play brawlers and would like this mech to fill that role.