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Title: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: wulf on 25 Jun 17
WOW 50 more single player missions!!!! You do not stop amazing us.Thanks ! :)
Out of curiosity, what do you have planned for this amazing Master piece, in future updates ?If you can say.
Title: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: RizZen on 2 Jul 17
WOW 50 more single player missions!!!! You do not stop amazing us.Thanks ! (
Out of curiosity, what do you have planned for this amazing Master piece, in future updates ?If you can say.

Future Improvements
There is a lot content i can introduce. But i only introduce things from what i know not touching original ingame balance and physics. I would like to keep it still in the original manner. Here a little list of what is on my mind:
- adding TheRepulse campaign ( (8 Missions)
- doing ArtWork for Menu Resolution issue ( (fullscreen works only in-mission right now)
- solving old original bugs ( of vanilla game and usermade campaigns
- introducing my own selfmade missions ( by enlarging campaigns
- ....

My MechCommander content folder for Modding is 10GB of size at the moment. There are also files i never touched or looked into deeper - so you can be excited for more ongoing support and update-packages for MCG-DH v3.0. Look into my older development threads for more (some things still not introduced:
v1.0 Development Thread (
v2.0 Development Thread (

Unused content
After introducing more than 230 additional missions (containing ~6.000 files) for all game features there are still unused mission files left. In total I have about 3.000 files that didn't got introduced by me yet. There is a hand full of Vanilla Version files that seemed to be unused / ignored by original game. I'm working on sorting these and testing the files one after another. If it's usable and working I will introduce them. Cause of the mass of files I've got I'm still putting them into an order and separating files that are related to each other. There are missions for all game features (sp, solo & mp) left to introduce. There are stil approximately 70-100 different maps that could be introduced.

New missions
Last but not least I'm working on my own missions to introduce them into existent campaigns making them larger with new story coming up after regular campaigns ends.
New story
Introducing new story. View prelude! (

Regards RizZ
Title: Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: Splina on 16 Jul 17
what i would like to see in future are some fun modes for campaings :)

for example options where you can play:
campaings with mixtech available for player
campaings with all 12 slots available for every mission

can be done with a savegame for first missions with those changes applied.

vehicles included, of course...and will be nice if vehicles can be repaired in future.
I mean...there exist biuldings for this " Vehicle repair bay" but have no function...also, Refit Truck could repair them too.

* vehicles repair option is not a part from fun modes...its and idea for game improvement.
Title: Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: dashi112 on 16 Jul 17
I wanna see the mystique storyline treated as a seperate storyline, yet kept in its current placement. so each mystique mission has its own shop, mechs, pilots to go along with the missions
Title: Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: RizZen on 17 Jul 17
@splina: in order to make mixed tech available for whole campaign all files for campaigns needs to be updated. Technically mixed tech is possible to use already now in existent campaigns. This means I have created a master purchase which is extended and includes working mixed tech. In comparison to original version changes in purchases work in MCG-DH when mission purchase files get updatet. To make it work in the first mission savegame start0.pkk files need a little file update too. I would like to see another hobby modder making things like that. With the extracted purchase files I offer in download section you can make changes on mission purchases yourself and put edited purchase fit files into games missions folder to make them run in-game. But maybe I will make it later when I'm in the mood to change 95 purchase files.

There are some major problems that need to be solved before that can be done:
- vehicles vanish after missions
- unit limit is 50
- vehicles are not salvageable
These problems are affecting each other in multiple ways.

Making vehicle repair bays that can really repair vehicles is next problem. I think I could implement this but I actually don't know if it's possible to do with abl scripting only or if maybe the whole structure needs to be changed in its core files. I guess no one ever tried that.
It is easy to make changes for certain units and it's settings. The question is which files uses game at least and where are related files stored... confused_shelf may have more knowledge maybe he shows up and enlighten us. When not its same like above with purchases - when I'm in mood I may try to focus on that topic. But it's really changing in-game physics then - there must be more thoughts made about how this affects in-game physics.

@dashi1: I would like to have detailed ideas for each mission and story part. Well I have many ideas but I'm focussing on another story part to be made right now. For mystique story a detailed scenario script would be useful. Physically can be done sure.
Title: Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: dashi112 on 18 Jul 17
well the thing is any mission that starts with "Mystiques log" seems to want to be seperate mission chain ( currently everything carries over mission to mission even though it doesnt make sense), it just doesnt have the seperate mechs / shop / pilots implimented for it. the only thing you would have to add would be an extension to a mission showing mystiques betrayal.
Title: Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
Post by: RizZen on 20 Jul 17
I don't know if that got noticed but: all mission briefings of both campaigns will be updated to make story match with mission order. That will be done when new missions get introduced. So actually the old mission briefings of course cause logic errors when you try to compare it with current mission order. I guess the mystique betrayal I may edit and make another story setup of it.
But as I've told in other threads the mission briefings will be updated. Maybe we talk about that then. When you have ideas how to... just feel free to point it out.