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Hey people!

I am exited to see this kind of a mod when i want to return mech commander 1 and i jumped on it..

I started to expansion campaign and sadly, like most of you, i stuck at 2-13.. any saving attempt crushed the game.

Please help us great modder!
Urbanmech / Dog Vomit
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Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
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Commission for the Arisen

Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
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Recent commissioned mech from someone over on a facebook page

Long ago, there was a freely available patch/mod/hack/savegame for MCG called "New Teams." It had three files in it. (I still have/use it. Available below.)


These get loaded from the 'load game' screen like any saved game (And that's where the files go - in the savegame folder). Here is what they do:

ClanInPa2.sav - Lets you play the original campaign with only Clan mechs. (sadly, this works ONLY on the original campaign, not the expansion) If you want an IS mech,you have to go out and kill one and salvage it! :)

Full_IS_in_PA.sav - This one makes the new IS mechs from the expansion (Stiletto, Bushwacker, & Mauler) available in the original campaign.

Merc_PA.sav - This one really IS mixed tech. The mechs available in the Battalion Inventory (the mechs you can buy from Battalion) are a true mix of Clan and IS mechs. (Personally, I don't like the selection available, so I rarely played this one)

All this in a tiny 16.5 kb .rar file. (This is for the vanilla MCG game. Don't know how it will/won't work with any modded versions of the game.)

I would really like to get a version where I can play the expansion campaign with Clan mechs from the start too, but I haven't seen anything like that anywhere.

But to be honest, I like this (OP's) version better. It's a bit more of a challenge than the ClanInPA version - unfortunately, still only good in the original campaign though.
hey i recommend a site with a pirate ship hint hint 
Sniper Cannon IS available in the vanilla game - IF you use the cheat that gives you one of every weapon available in the game (hereitcomes).

Also, it is sometimes found - in container stacks/component warehouses/etc - in MCG-DH.

I had, in one game, four Stilettos running around with them loaded up. That was their only weapon, but four fast-moving artillery pieces running around wreak havoc on the AI's mechs!  ;D

AND, apparently the Sniper Cannon is canon according to these pages:


Mini Long Tom (According to this page, it's a Long Tom with half the weight and half the damage of the full size version.)

Here's what it looks like in Battalion Inventory. (There are mods/savegames out there which do allow them in inventory.)
MechCommander / Re: Error Op1 Mission 9 Crash
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I'm the same Tell me how to fix it.
MechWarrior Online / Re: ATM's
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Wow, you really are a pro.
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