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8 May 17

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Russian Mod: MechCommander Gold
- The Repulse -
Free Download Standalone Version 1.7demo
MechCommander Gold - The Repulse (Russian Demo Mod) v1.7 Download - googledrive link - Standalone Version

Size: ~650MB
288 files
10 game folders
Gamefolder Name: MCX_The_Repulse_Russian_Mod Darkest Hours; version: 1.7

I have analyzed the Russian Repulse mod I've got from RustyDios from Hardline productions. The English version I could get by RustyDios contains only eight campaign missions and seems to be just a demo version of what the Russian developer was doing for MCG.
I don't know if there is also a full version existing of it with more missions but the missions I have found would be just enough for one operation with very early/long missions for MCG. You start with only two vehicles, a Edgar tank and Pegasus. In first mission you have to find your first mech and second pilot on map to have it later on and finishing mission. It is hidden at north west end of map between some trees/wood.
The missions contain 80% vehicles with some new vehicles / modified models and some enemy Mechs to salvage. At the end before mission 8 you can have a team with two Mad-Cat and two shadow cat Mechs gathered from battlefield before.
The short length of this campaign puts it forward to be introduced as solo-missions into Darkest Hours v3.0. Therefore I need to remaster / downgrade the missions by taking out edited basic units & weapon/gameplay changes - cause in my opinion the original imbalances with energy weapons getting stronger in this game version. That is something I don't like cause it causes problems & corrupts MP feature - I want to keep gameplay in original manner aslong there are missions to introduce. When full mission packs released there will be many possibilities to change gameplay by introducing new weapon-mods & unit-mods later.
Repulse Map Pack for MCG Darkest Hours as solomissions will come up soon. (Currently working on these missions)

It contains
- several well made brandnew weapons including complete artwork
- remastered sound files for all pilots
- redesigned menu parts and user in mission interface with integrated radar
- 8 well made mission maps
- a mech commander command shell exe showing game datas and giving some options on a separate GUI
- some more stuff I just couldn't finally figure out cause it's hard-coded in some exe files and bats
Hard is that some parts are completely Russian but when I can figure out functions it will be easy to replace that.

I played through this campaign and have to say: in comparison with original game, user custom campaigns & my remastered version - The Repulse ain't a full finished campaign. Just eight missions who getting slowly harder. They are all placed on big maps and you get a lot enemies to kill. Especially vehicles and some edited new vehicles the creators have done.
The kind of how the developer created missions is too static for my taste. Seems as if quantity of enemies counts had more priority than quality of A.I. for example.
Therefore they edited the elemental carrier enhancing it with weapons and put in some new / changed vehicles.
Last but not least good try of beginning an own campaign, but to short for me so I would say when I introduce missions to Darkest Hours I will probably do it as solo-missions.

Bugs i have noticed
Apart from the ingame-gameplay-balance changes that change gameplay to energy weapons only - what i want to remove before introducing into Darkest Hours i noticed some bugs. The new GUI doesn´t work, isn´t shown in this full version. I found files for it but they seem to be unused. Second thing i noticed are corrupted image files for purchase logistic menu - to be exact new vehicles and weapons have some disturbing graphical  issues. Not showing up correct ingame.
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1 Jul 17

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These missions i´m actually remastering in order to implement them into Darkest Hours v3.0!

To play them before before being released into DHv3.0 i created a standalone raw folder including this Mod free to download and play. Works like Original Game folder- and MCG-DH-v3.0-Installation (Just mount ISO & start exe file).

The Repulse - Mission 1

The Repulse - Mission 2

The Repulse - Mission 3

The Repulse - Mission 4

The Repulse - Mission 5

The Repulse - Mission 6

The Repulse - Mission 7

The Repulse - Mission 8

Where can i see how far the development process of this project currently has gone? Klick here...
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