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17 Jul 17

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Offline Splina

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sorry man...bad news..
i found another bug...2 in fact, in same mission.

OP.4 MIS.16

1. If i play with less than maximum Ton limit i get Kim star Masakari J as enemy near last objective, Orbital gun.
But if i play with maximum tonnage allowed i get Osis star Masakari A instead...
Not everytime ! Seems like game decide this..but anyway, in mostly cases i got this change.
If i play with more than maximum tonnage with a cheat...then Osis Masa is here 100%. If tonnage is lower, then Kim Masa is here 100%...only on maximum normal tonnage is so-so

2.  Thats the bad part...
Here i get 2 new pilots...Outlaw and Blaze. Outlaw in a ShadowCat J and Blaze in MadCat W.
Now problem is that Outlaw REPLACE another pilot when i finish mission.
His ShadowCat is not saved and he simply take place of another pilot...and that pilot is lost.

Tried it in a lot of variants...even with 1 single mech/pilot in bay and in mission. When its done, Outlaw simply replace that pilot.
Or when more pilots are available...1 of them is replaced, generally last one , bottom of the list.

Dont know if this is an old bug...but only now i noticed it...when i try to skill as much pilots as i can...

on point 1...
looks like this Star is more random than i thinked first time...
i played it with 1 Atlas...and got Osis
I played it with 1 Turkina and got Kim
Then i played with Atlas again and got Kim...
I played with 5 ton less than maximum and got both...not in same round, of course..
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17 Jul 17

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Funny, I played this mission yesterday and got mad cat and shadow cat in mechbay after this mission. That star enemy is random. It's part of creators abl scripting, no bug think they did it to make it more dynamic. That pilot problem I didn't recognized. I will have a look on it when time comes.
This is no easy mission. The battles north side can be won easy. South side of river starting with only one tank is hard. But possible when you use the enemies airstrikes to enter base and capture mech bay to activate new units.

17 Jul 17

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Offline Splina

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i checked original XRay mission too...same problem

if that random star is not a bug, fine then
but pilot replacement cant be something normal

same problem in both games...XRay and MCG DH...his ShadowCat is missing in bay after mission and he take someone's else place..

*and...enemy mechs from northen side are random too? Because i just noticed they are different almost everytime :)
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