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19 Nov 17

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I originally put this in the bug reports topic, but it really doesn't belong there.

You CAN change which pilot speaks with which voice. It is not hard to do. Here's how:

I like and do use the new players, BUT, I did wish they had their own voices. 4-6 Mantis's running around a firefight gets real confusing as to who is in trouble or needs help or just who is talking.

I wanted to change out some of those "Mantis" voice files for a few of the others in the original game (in lieu of actual new voices), sort of share the wealth so to speak. There are plenty of other female pilots in the original, but I didn't know which file is who's.

And Boris and Magic's voices were just creepy. (That was keeping me from using them) I changed their voices out with a couple of the other original voices.

It really makes this version a lot better if every new pilot ISN'T a Mantis or Blaze clone. Not bad-mouthing the use of original pilot voices, I just wanted it to be spread around a bit. (Plus, I wanted to switch out Thunder's voice with someone else. That "Already taken care of" is just ANNOYING. I end up yelling at him "No, it isn't or I wouldn't be telling YOU to do it!" :)

I picked one new pilot in a saved game I had - in this case, Cleo - and then made copies of all the original pilot voice files and pasted them into a new folder. Then - one at a time - I changed their name to Cleo's voice file (CleoA). Then I put this file into MCG Darkest Hours/Data/Sound - overwriting the current CleoA file. Next, I started the game and ran a test mission (for this it helped to have her as the only one with sensors) until I heard them mention their name ("Scarab here", "This is Blaze", etc.), then I ended the mission and closed out the game. (Yes, I did this 30 times. :) )

Even though I saw a pattern, I still did this with each and every file until I had them all logged. For instance, I was sure of a few, but did not stop until they actually spoke their name. So, without further ado, here is the list of pilots and their voice files:

1. Beast - PILOTA
2. Thunder - PILOTAA
3. Paingod - PILOTAB
4. Firestorm - PILOTAC
5. Vixen - PILOTAD
6. Hawk - PILOTB
7. Siren - PILOTC
8. Rooster - PILOTD
9. Isis - PILOTE
10. Gunman - PILOTF
11. Mystique - PILOTG
12. Gator - PILOTM
13. Spice - PILOTI
14. Baron - PILOTJ
15. Fiend - PILOTK
16. Ronin - PILOTL
17. Skater - PILOTH
18. Rebel - PILOTN
19. Hunter - PILOTO
20. Lynx - PILOTP
21. Hitman - PILOTQ
22. Countess - PILOTR
23. Scarab - PILOTS
24. Outlaw - PILOTT
25. Falcon - PILOTU
26. Burnout - PILOTV
27. Goblin - PILOTW
28. Mantis - PILOTX
29. Dragon - PILOTY
30. Blaze - PILOTZ

To give one of your pilots a different voice file, simply copy the preferred ORIGINAL pilot voice file to a new folder and change the name to the one you want changed, and then copy-and-paste (or simply move) the file back into the MCG DH/Data/Sound folder, overwriting the file currently there (You might want to copy that file first in case of some kind of screw up). (This does NOT alter the way the pilots do anything. The only thing it does is change their voice and what they say.)


You want to give Leya the voice of Isis. Copy the PILOTE.PAK file to a new folder, change the name to "LeyaA.PAK", and place in the folder mentioned above. Either save the current "LeyaA.PAK" first or just overwrite it. Now Leya responds in-game with the Isis's voice files.

You want to give Boris the voice of Dragon. Copy the PILOTY.PAK file to a new folder, change the name to "BorisA.PAK", and place in the folder mentioned above (the same place you got it from). Either save the current "BorisA.PAK" first or just overwrite it. Now Boris responds in-game with the Dragon's voice files.

As I said before, I'm just trying to cut down on the confusion of 5-6 Mantis and Blazes all talking at the same time in the same mission. This can be done with the original pilots too (now that you know which voice file is which), so you can even fix an annoying original pilot if one of them bothers you or you just don't like their voice.
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