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Title: "The Dankest Memes" (2 C-HLL, 4 C-ERML, ECM)
Post by: AdestriaX on 28 Dec 17
The latest addition to the Dank laser vomit metagame

With the addition of the HBR-P Right torso the build is able to mount all of its weapons in the torsos and head, This gives the mech better ridge peeking which further aids its survival in extended duration conflict and early phase poking with a 64 damage alpha

Operations tree investment and double Cool shot is in my opinion a MUST with this build, otherwise you will be a toasted marshmallow in 2 alpha strikes. Also invest points into as many heat gen nodes in the firepower tree as possible for better performance

I have attached my personal preferences for the skill tree as a reference point for the build, Happy Hunting Warriors!