Author Topic:  So, HG is suing PGI & HBS over the Macross unseen  (Read 371 times)

25 Jul 17

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I found out about this news from SidAlpha's YouTube channel (I'm typing this on my Xbox 360, so I can't copy-paste any corresponding links, sorry).

I have to wonder, if Harmony Gold really had a problem with Alex's take on the Macross-based designs, what took them so long to do anything about it? It's been what, 2 years since the 'new' Marauder went up for sale?

I mean I know "It's always about the money Mr. Gat". But, this to me just feels like HG is being petty, again.

Hopefully at the end of all of this we'll still have our Macross Unseen Mechs. I still have yet to play with any of mine (among other 'mechs) due to a computer that was too weak to run the game reliably & is now dead.

27 Jul 17

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Hopefully the Japanese case ruling in favor of Studio Nue and Tatsunoko Production a few years back giving the legal rights back to Nue in almost all regions (forcing Harmony gold into a co-owner position of licence in the USA) will be in favor here.  I see this as HG being forced by a team of lawyers to "try" to protect their assets.  For people who don't know, copyright is weird where if a company shows no intent in enforcing their copyright in all chances they can take, if a case comes up where someone actually steals their IP assets - they can point to the past where the company didnt try to enforce the copyright and that will hurt the chances for the charges to stick.

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