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28 Aug 17

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This might be the first mech release in years that I've actually supported, in a way. I'm a full-on broken record about hating the MWO business model, but releasing C-Bill variants without even putting them behind a paywall for half a year? Get outta here!

It's worth mentioning that their decision to do so came to placate a massive backlash over how (potentially) OP the original state of the Clan Wave II Heroes pack was, so it's not this pure beacon of goodliness. But still, it's deserving of generating a fair amount of goodwill, since it gives everyone cool new toys.

And boy, are they some cool toys. Of course you've got the Mist Lynx, where the free variant on its own has catapulted the mech into relevance, but almost all of the 9 chassis have received some fantastic new options that will at the very least inject some fresh builds into the game, if not resulting in a new best build.

There's a fair few builds to talk about, so let's get into it.

Mist Lynx


Skill Tree

This build, and the version using ER Smalls & LMGs, are easily the two biggest to come out of the new Mist Lynx variants. Each of the builds have pretty crazy DPS, with the Heavy Smalls/MGs build coming up with higher damage at the cost of half the range and worse heat. I still prefer it, though, as the Mist Lynx is generally quick enough for the range to make little difference, and the damage gap is substantial.

Ebon Dragon

Skill Tree

It's not horrible, but the ammo is simply inadequate. As such, I also tried out swapping out two of the 4s for 2s to get an extra ton of ammo, but that still wasn't a stupendous performer. And since a 2-missile LA omnipod is the only new thing to come out of the Hero, there's not much else worth trying.

Arctic Cheetah


Skill Tree

It can poke with lasers, it can spray with LMGs, and it's just a really good mech. However, it splits its focus just a bit too evenly for me, and the HMG alternative is too range limited (and not good). As such, it's not my favorite Arctic Cheetah build to come out of the new variants. That honor requires omnipods from the...


Skill Tree

The change isn't too dramatic, but it's enough in my mind to change it from a split focus on poking and spraying, to a definitive focus on spray with some extra flat damage thrown in against armored foes. The Shard's RT omnipod also makes the Arctic Cheetah the best 8xHMG boat (Skill Tree) and lets you put out ridiculous DPS, but lacks any backup weapons and the ammo might not last terribly long.

Ice Ferret


Skill Tree

An ECM CT would be pretty cool, but I'm all about the firepower. It gets hot for sure, but the Ice Ferret's always been one of the better mechs at flanking, poking hard, and running away.

Rainbow Crow

Skill Tree

So here's where we get our ECM. I'm not generally a fan of mechs that keep all their weapons on one easy-to-destroy arm, but this one was pretty decent. The damage and range are pretty good for a mech of its weight & speed, and the ECM helps compensate for the extreme duration of those lasers.

Shadow Cat


Skill Tree

I'm not a big fan of streaks, but this mech has enough of them and runs fast enough to actually kill enemy lights, rather than just chasing them off. The big limiting factor is ammo, and I did look at this alternative build that alleviates that concern with backup weapons and has ECM to boot, but I think it compromises too much of its main goal in the process.


Skill Tree

The Mishupeshu's only new omnipod is the Right Arm, and it's almost universally useless. However, this build at least is a teensy weensy bit better than it'd be without the omnipod.

Mad Dog


Skill Tree

The MDD-H's Left Arm is, without a doubt, the best thing to ever happen to Mad Dog laser vomit builds. But I mean, who the hell runs laser vomit on a Mad Dog? Still, it definitely works, and it actually can carry a decent armament, comparable to a Hellbringer (but no ECM and low mounts). Plus those side torsos are tanky as hell.


Skill Tree

It's a pretty decent build - with the ammo nodes, you've got a pretty decent potential damage. Still, the firepower is low, and the DPS is lower, so you might wanna look at a Gauss Vomit version (Skill Tree). The ballistic side torsos aren't game breaking, but they still are really powerful for a hero mech.

Ebon Jaguar


Skill Tree

The 2E RT is a pretty great deal, but the lack of any energy weapons with a ghost heat cap of 3 makes the omnipod less useful for trading. Still, this build turned out to be pretty decent, and you can also run more powerful asymmetrical-ish laser vomit (Skill Tree).

Esprit de Corps

Skill Tree

The ballistic LT was the biggest concern I had about the Clan heroes in general, and while it's not some P2W monster, it's still pretty good. The dual gauss Eb Jag got some attention a while ago (though I really didn't like it), but the ability to use 2 high mounts and add Heavy meds instead of ERs makes a considerable difference.



Skill Tree

It's just the classic laser vomit Hellby, but better. Higher mounts, less armor needed on the arms, and it just generally nails it. And since it's on the C-Bill variant, I've got no complaints.


Skill Tree

The Hero's about as useless for omnipods as the Shadow Cat, but the set-of-8 quirks are actually pretty good (-10% energy heat). You lose out on the ECM, and you need to stick some weapons in your arm, but it's still good.



Skill Tree

I love that we got some Gargoyle torso mounts, but getting this cool stuff after the cSPL nerf just hurts, dude. Still, it's a decent knife fighter, and I like how it fits.

Kin Wolf

Skill Tree

Well this is just as splatty as you can get it. I think the ammo is a bit too low to be a real good build, but it's still got enough to make it work.



Skill Tree

I really like the 3E RT omnipod, but I feel like the Executioner just has some intractable issues holding it back. Still, if you're gonna run an energy-boat Executioner, might as well use the omnipod.


Skill Tree

It's got some real good DPS, but the range is crap and I hate how spread out the weapons are. Still, it's nice that we finally get a usable number of missile hardpoints on this mech.

Overall Thoughts

These huge packs are intense. I'm pretty happy with how this pack turned out, though. The hero mechs aren't actually stronger than existing options for the most part, with most of the power available on the C-Bill variant. Instead, the heroes focus on offering new options which are interesting without being super good, which is the way I always want them to be.

I think the big winners from this pack are definitely the Mist Lynx (most improved), Hellbringer (most reliable, but I mean, it was already pretty good), and Arctic Cheetah (just the best). I'm not sure if the Arctic Cheetah's RT omnipod is better than using one of the energy omnipods, which is the only potential for p2w in the pack, but I don't think that it wins by much if it even wins at all.

Sorry it took so long to finish this article, by the way. I'll get to work theorycrafting some Thanatos.

29 Aug 17

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So from the quick glance I took (i will look at it closer later when I have more time), did you make those builds with just the variants own omnipods?  Because from what I learned, at least with the Hellbringer, Shadowcat and Executioner, you don't loose a lot of the built in quirks be replacing one or two omnipods, so you can create slightly better builds.  The Hellbringer especially, can be built with 2x HLL, 4x ERML and ECM.  It can all be mounted in the torsos and left arm with heat management at 1.4.  Plus it retains most of it's built in quirks.  

I'm just asking as I couldn't dive to deep into your builds.  Good write up though.