Author Topic:  No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #156  (Read 1259 times)

3 Feb 17

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Offline SeanLang

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20 Feb 17

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Offline Sigard Olufson

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Love the podcast.  I've listened to this one twice today.  You intrigued me with your drive to make faction play better.  I'd love to assist as an advisor.  I'm a retired armor office and I get that whole rhythm of battle thing.  I'm also a consultant so I'm fairly good at capturing and presenting ideas.  If you are interested you let me know and I'd be glad to assist.  Eric/Sigard

1 Mar 17

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Offline kageru

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Missing the banter ...

2 Apr 17

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I have a over 50 casts to catch up on.... at least the dead times looking after the bar furnace will be more enjoyable.
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15 Apr 17

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Offline kageru

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You updated the links on the front page, and I got all excited ... oh well ... maybe next week.