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Title: MCG Darkest Hours v1.0 dev
Post by: RizZen on 14 Mar 17
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Latest Comment (06/25/2017)
This is the first development thread of my very early mod. After releasing it many people underestimated me but i have shown all what i can now. One CAN make a difference! Have fun & enjoy reading the Genesis of a MechCommander Game Evolution!

Old Thread Content
Hello dear (almost vanished) no guts no galaxy mech commander fans! Two weeks ago I found this old game and started playing again. After finishing the first two campaigns Original (30 missions) & Desperate Measures (12 missions). I downloaded the Bengal, X-Ray, exodus ... three major campaigns made by users with all in all 100 more missions to play. The real bad thing for me was that you couldn't take over your team to the expansion after finishing original campaign.
I started to try doing it myself manually and failed handling with *.sav/*.pkk files at the beginning but then found your database and some information about a user called cmunsta. I downloaded his tools, found some other sites like Github and started to play with the gamefiles. First I learned how to get your team through all campaigns by modifying the start0.pkk files at campaigns beginnings. But it wasn't enough to me. It is no pleasure to build new starting files after some missions. So I decided to do what never has been done or finished before, merging all available campaigns made by users as a one.

To be faster I splitted to two campaigns I'm building
1. The overwriting "original game" campaign including: original + all three available user campaigns (~80-100) missions playable in ONE major campaign.
2. The overwriting "expansion game" campaign including: desperate measures + three other expansion campaigns by users (~40-50) missions to play as one campaign.
So atleast it will also be possible to take your final team at the end of the first major campaign to the expansion but won't make much sense cause with this amount of missions you can see it playing two different stories then with two different starting conditions. The biggest problem for me at the moment is how to get each data/terrain/ file extracted out of the mod campaigns .fst files. So if anyone wants to help and knows more about extracting ALL files of a .fst tell me how it can be done. At the moment this is my only problem cause to load mission files with an editor I need to have the individual files for each mission which actually I can not extract. - ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED, look into V3.0 -


At the moment I have a campaign with 9 original and 9 mod campaign missions working but to do more I need help in extracting or recreating the files.
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: slickrcbd on 14 Mar 17
This thread might help (

As might this link ( (

Could you post some links to where you got the custom solo maps? I think I accidentally deleted any maps I downloaded and a lot of links I'm finding are broken.
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - Mission work
Post by: RizZen on 15 Mar 17
History file - Mission work - Editor & *.abl scripting
Yeah thank you but I've already got all valuable information of all threads of this forum including all extracted data. What I need to know is how to extract two files with the same name out of a *.fst:
data/missions -> individual
data/terrain -> individual terrain
Fstextract only extracts the first file it finds and it's always the from mission folder. The mission fit of terrain it doesn't extract cause fstextract refuses to take any paths to sub folders...
To your question: all regular mission files you can find in the extracted data from what you gave me above. All regular missions are saved in mission.fst file in root folder. Extracted files from ur download including all regular missions in it. What was harder was to find out which files actually belong to what mission cause the developers didn't had a straight naming procedure... so u need to find out urself what files u need to have a complete regular mission. I already have mission 1-10 separated and can change them successful on own delight.
Hope it helps

I try to explain easy how missions work in MechCommander GameEngine
Each mission contains several files in sub directories. These files are compressed in *.fst (familiar to zip/7z compressed) files. The mission.fst & terrain.fst files in your game root directory including all files from a mission. In fst files the files are stored like a library with sub directories. To change game you need these:
\MCXgamefolder\ all .fst files game contains
\MCXgamefolder\data\missions (all mission data files)
\MCXgamefolder\data\missions\warriors (mission brain files and warriors)
\MCXgamefolder\data\terrain (mission map files)

Each mission should contain these files
Mission.fst files
data\missions\ (for solo "campaign" mission)
data\missions\map1.txt (briefing text)
data\missions\ (only if campaign mission)
Warrior/brain files
data\missions\warriors\ - (only when using editor - in abl-scripting more files needed here)
Terrain.fst files
You see to have successfully implemented campaign mission you need minimum 19 files containing all data mission uses to run with its individual map and mission objectives. When you use original campaign missions it's very simple to extract and separate these missions. Hard is to relink them after changing file names cause missions are linked to the other mission files. When you rename you need to replace these links in the mission data files in order to run it later. And it's important to know that original missions contain more files than these above cause they are scripted and some changes the developers did you can't implement with game editor. When you use the game editor to work on original missions you need to keep in mind that all units on the map are scripted manually by the developers or with another program than editor or extender. The editor just can open the original maps but it won't show you the mission data like objectives and no units will be placed.
These are scripted missions and the units and objectives are to find in abl files. In order to edit these without recreating whole mission data manually you need to put in additional units manually instead.
What should be possible are map changes without touching mission data means you probably can add buildings and bridges without scripting.
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - Breakthrough User Campaign building!
Post by: RizZen on 20 Mar 17
History file
I have managed to merge
Mission 1 - RizZen Original
Mission 2-34 - Xenocide & Exodus User Campaigns in mixed order
as one campaign overriding the original campaign. All in all this means I managed to create an independent 34 missions campaign with missions of before three different campaigns in a single one. Now I needed to add some purchase files and making changes in files. And now this is the first usermade campaign working standalone with this mission count. Harder willbe to add X-Ray campaign cause X-Ray is way different then the other two available user campaigns. But I won't give up on that. The "new mission order" will mix the missions of existing campaigns in a way that orirignal mission order of each campaign related to operation numbers will stay the same.

So it won't be like you play f.e.
Mission 1 original
Mission 10 exodus
Mission 8 xenocide

It will be more like
Playing first mission 1-5 of original campaign
followed by
Mission 1 xenocide
Mission 2 xenocide
Mission 1 exodus
Mission 2 exodus
Mission 3 xenocide
Mission 3 exodus
Mission 6-10 original
And so on.
So you can build up a good functioning mech crew by playing the early missions first and at the end the hardest ending missions. At the moment my campaign merge contains 34 working missions but I try to enlarge by adding the missing 29 original missions from now and finding a way to work with 26 X-ray campaign missions means could be 89 missions in a single campaign if it is done.
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: SeanLang on 21 Mar 17
Interesting indeed...

Only major issue I see with this is logistics, which assets are available to the player. There might have to be some adjustments made, but regardless very cool!

I always wanted to play the original + expansion campaign together.
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - All missions encrypted!
Post by: RizZen on 21 Mar 17
History file
Well I will make some .rar files and will upload my work soon. Yeah playing both campaigns as a one is also one of my tasks but due to the fact original contains more missions and that original files easy to include with other originals but expansion is another store/map data defined by planets. It is definitely possible to switch that but it will cause errors I bet because some pilots exists twice and there maybe problem with game handling different planets and so on... all in all it is a big amount of work.
If I can run 3 campaigns of the original similar soon I will merge expansion next. After that we can talk about merging expansion / original. For now to play on expansion with same team it is also possible you just need to build a new start0.pkk containing warriors and mechs of your last savegame. To do that you need cmunsta's tools in order to extract files of ur savegame and packing them in a new sol file which then just need to be packed with the master definition file of expansion campaign and it's initstore.
For the files I upload soon I will open a new download section (
Ur wishes for logistics: we talk about all that stuff when I have built a running campaign. In order to do it fast I will just do editing to get it work not to change gameplay or anything else. Purchase data will be same as vanilla but change from mission 31 on cause vanilla campaign has not more than 30 purchase files. - DONE - (only balancing probs on logistics, due to campaign length, left.)

I could separate all user campaigns now:
Original campaign merge
Original Exodus - 16 missions
Original Bengal - 18 missions
Original X-Ray - 26 missions
Original MCG - 30 missions (mission data 3-30 missing needs to be manually rewritten)
90 missions if merged as original - DONE - see here (

Expansion campaign merge
Expansion Turncoat - 5 missions
Expansion Bengal - 12 missions
Expansion DSC - 12 missions
Expansion MCG - 12 missions (without mission data)
41 missions when merged as expansion

Additional Expansion campaign files
Unknown MechWarrior3 - ~20 missions
(With an expansion campaign file)
When I can integrate to expansion it could contain 71 missions. So in the end there could be really two independent big campaigns on one game if it's successful ongoing like now.
Title: Screenshots - Content of final Version 3.0 - MCG Darkest Hours
Post by: RizZen on 22 Mar 17

As one of my fore posters said: some pics can show more than 1000 words. For more take a look here (
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: Confused Shelf on 23 Mar 17
Keep up the good work. Interested to see how this progresses.
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: RizZen on 23 Mar 17
Download my Remastered MechCommander Gold here:
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Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: Confused Shelf on 23 Mar 17
Is there a restriction on going from a mission on one planet's assets to one on the other? Not possible for a Port Arthur and a Cermak in the same campaign?
Title: Original & Expansion Campaign Merge
Post by: RizZen on 24 Mar 17
It is definitely possible. The difference are map tile sets which are bit different. All in all the difference is just between
Planet = 0
Planet = 1
in mission fit files.
Maybe it's only working when overriding expansion cause most original campaign missions don't even have the line "planet" in fit file so default is planet 0.
Before I try to do such things I will finish my current project, I do also in order to reduce possible crashes it could cause. The way I go now causes only a few manageable bugs which I can solve. Maybe I couldn't do with different planets that easy so I decided to wait with expansion for first. What I definitely can say that working with expansion files will be more satisfying cause in comparison to all original campaign missions it's only a hand full of missions.
Second thing is that I feel that expansion was only made to let original scripted missions alive. The existing 30 basic missions where totally scripted, unusable with editor and needed to be cut out carefully piece by piece out of the mission.fst library. To merge them vanilla with expansion is not possible the easy way. The reason I'm so fast merging user campaigns is that all that missions where made by editor and that the developers of it already did the most work to make them comfortable for campaign modding.
The basic 30 original missions I will need to recreate all mission data and objective just working on empty map files right now cause original scripts and original file management was a mess when it goes over to scripting. Looks as if they had a tight time table and made lot of things in a rush. Also found and corrected handful of bugs in original campaign data files. - DONE -
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: Confused Shelf on 24 Mar 17
When you were modding the purchase files, did you find where the default/starting mechs and mechwarriors are defined?

Whenever you play the original campaign you start with Beast, Hawk, Hunter and Lynx, along with two Commandos and a Firestarter.

What I've found is that these mechwarriors and vehicles don't look at the related PMWxxxxx.FIT or PMxxxxxx.FIT.

I modified the weapons on the commando but it only affects mechs I buy or fight, not the starting two.

Likewise I changed the colour of some mechwarriors but Beast, Hawk, Hunter and Lynx aren't affected, only those I buy or am gifted (like Falcon and Firestorm).

I'm worried this might be in the .exe but maybe you know better.

From what I remember of the player created campaigns, the ones set on Port Arthur use Beast, Hawk, Hunter and Lynx, but the ones set on Cermark do not use the expansion starter mechs/mechwarriors. I definitely remember one with Mystique and Baron.
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - *.sol file lesson.
Post by: RizZen on 24 Mar 17
These data is compressed in *.sol files with a simple file index
They only contain *.fit files but without file names. The order of them is important. In *.pkk (start0 = original campaign f.e.), *.sol (solo mission) files, which are actually the same, the order is:
01 (warriors all in a row)
04 (now mechs)
07 (vehicles)
Index from 00-08 = 9 single *.fit files need to be compressed to *.sol with makesol.exe of cmunstas tools.
Look the order files have in list above keep this index order and this will give u the team above. Only these are used at campaign start. You can have any starting option how to do is readable in detail in cmunstas campaign building guide (search for start0.pkk.).
Purchase data doesn't have to do anything with start crew only connection is initstore as it is actually """ of campaign containing all shop data at campaign start. Also means initstore & purchase00 always need to be the same otherwise game will crash cause it needs this fit file twice, one in regular and in start0.pkk (xStart0.pkk for expansion) compressed. In order to change starting shop u need definitely overwrite start0.pkk with ur version. To keep original start.pkk u Need to extract all indexes replace the last index "init store".fit with ur purchase00 start fit. Same with warrior or files.
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - First XXL 60 Mission Usermade campaign merge!
Post by: RizZen on 24 Mar 17
Operation 4, Mission 12
Op5Mis10, Briefing Screen (Mission 60)
In-game Mission 60

Next steps
Now I finally merged all user campaign missions and they work as a single player campaign overriding the original campaign. All in all my campaign includes 60 playable missions. I've to add 8 new mech warriors. To spare time I just copied image/sound/video files random from existing warriors. I only changed some names and balanced their skills to have unique warriors. Now they need to be implemented in all purchase files. I have finished 17 of 63 purchase so far. Tomorrow I may get the ones left done in order to erase last bugs appearing when pilots ids used twice. Last step then will be creating a new start0.pkk with updated mechs, warriors, masterdefinition and initstore file. When this is finished I can upload the biggest campaign ever created for MCG. - DONE -
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: RizZen on 25 Mar 17
Okay I have several versions of start files for campaign now. Making changes is more complicated than expected. 1 More start equipment / warriors leads to exponential required changes on later entries which makes work disturbing right now. I already have 2 working start files (one is a modified vanilla). If u have any wishes for starting units for such a big 89/41 missions total campaign feel free to post here ^^

This thread can be closed, mod is done:

MCG - Darkest Hours (
- 89/41 Missions as two playable big campaigns
 - gaining 13 Warriors from the battlefield
 - 20 new mechwarriors available in the ingame shop
 - first campaign with working purchases for more than 130 missions
 - including all Xenocide // X-Ray // Exodus & Original Missions from vanilla MCG
 - new artwork (Buttons, Nameplates, Warrior pictures)
 - rebalanced warrior skills (especially the ones from mission gifts)
 - playing all campaigns similar
 - more updates in progress
Title: v1.0 Development Thread - Original Mission Recreation Problems (solved)
Post by: RizZen on 20 Apr 17
History File - Man... i was upset that day ^^
This game ducks with you when modding it. I did ducking introduce 30 original campaign missions (some as dummies other still dumb ai but they are completable with all objectives, buildings, linked turrets or sensors (some perimeter alters need to be set to enemy ...) and in some missions 100% of enemies and their objectives. I did the same to the 12 expansion missions now. Three are ready to introduce into mod. Now the editor again tries to duck with me.
Just for note: I traveled this game through all imaginable errors till I got working a single piece of ahit in it. This ridiculous mission 01/04 ruined the day. But I will do it again tomorrow and then finishing the shit out of this operation Hydra. Then only eight missions of two operations are left. So only 800 more ducking ridiculous shameful errors and I will introduce the impossibility into this awesome MOD! - Done, Problems Solved-
Censoring will be OK for me but this needed to be pointed out. I managed to mod so many games, but this is the modders nightmare. Believe me I know what ahit I'm taking about. But I... ... I will remaster the whole MCG and put it from physics to quantum physics. It doesn't want me to finish. It resists. But it ducking doesn't know that it can't duck with me.

I will dominate it! For the players! - DONE - Hehe ^^ - Klick (

Remastered: Mech Commander Gold
- Darkest Hours -
Free Download
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours (Fully remastered) v3.0 Download - googledrive link - Latest Version (
Size: ~1,75GB
1.337 files (1.043)
14 game folders
Gamefolder Name: MCG Darkest Hours; version: 3.0
Title: Re: Project Campaign Merging
Post by: Colobos on 21 Apr 17
Original Campagin Op1 Mish15 crashes half way through if your using a high res launcher, switching back to original resolution means you can complete the mission and then exit game to switch back to high res.

Title: v1.0 Development Thread
Post by: RizZen on 21 Apr 17
640x480 (nocd exe) / 800x600
Should help solving problem. It's a known bug of old exodus campaign mission 1. Expect me to have a closer look how to solve this maybe 2018 lol - at the moment the missions on desk to enhance and remaster are just the first 6 of each operation and later the first 4 missions of each expansion operation. Ty for reporting it may help others who get probs here to solve. Thumbs up.

Remastered: Mech Commander Gold
- Darkest Hours -
Free Download
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours (Fully remastered) v3.0 Download - googledrive link - Latest Version (
Size: ~1,75GB
1.337 files (1.043)
14 game folders
Gamefolder Name: MCG Darkest Hours; version: 3.0

- Closed -