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@Motion fantastic storm-trooper outfit, so jelly!


Yeah I can't really comment on it, cause there isn't a good response. 

Only good thing is if you DID spend a ton of cbills on modules, you got a hefty refund with Historic SP, which if we are honest you would need to use cbills anyway to unlock nodes, but you can just use the HSP. 

Only silver lining, but it is what it is I guess.

Ken aka Plexi is the creator of them, I believe he is a tad busy with life ATM, possibly joined the military so I have no idea when he will be back etc...

Isn't it possible to make one more called MCG - Ultimate Guide?

I will spread threads like shit soon...

Well this should be dedicated to modding in general, but you can create threads/sticky them at your hearts desire.


MechCommander Modding / New Modding area
« on: 3 May 17 »
Rizz & confused you guys can go nuts now!

Support / Re: Captchas register
« on: 2 May 17 »
Some people reported to me that it is not possible to register on this forum cause the captchas don't work.
Means they see only white pictures where they usually should choose the correct picture to authenticate.

Is there a possibility to change captchas or turn captcha system of forum off Aslong it's not fixed?

I've moved this to support, our web guy can look into this issue!

Knock knock

Sean? ^^

Getting our website guru to set this up, you & confused will be moderators.

Decided to try my hand at a Hollander...

Definitely not compensating for anything...

This is fantastic. I really appreciate a different take on the aesthetics of these classics!


Podcasts / Podcast #157 w/Chris Lowrey
« on: 24 Apr 17 »

NGNG News / Roughneck Sneak Peek
« on: 17 Apr 17 »

Only the fit file.

Other files which change mechs values could be mission *.abl scripts.
But they also contain the same code.

Other files containing mech attributes are .fit files in save games like start0.pkk for example but this is also the same code but these fit files contain also some differences from the others cause there are included informations like what pilot and if assigned or not.

OK I think it's structure tonnage.

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