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Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on Today at 08:36 AM »
Cheers Sean! Really appreciate the kind words!

Continuing on with my sketches... heres a Dervish...

Podcasts / Re: No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #158 - Game Modes
« Last post by kageru on Today at 04:31 AM »
Thanks for hosting Tao and that other guy.  Bringing in players with perspectives from differing experiences and letting them present their ideas and express their opinions is a nice change.

- Bigger rewards are not going to make "no fighting base capping" on assault (or any other mode) any more fun.
- In it's current form, Incursion should replace Assault.
- swapping map voting for 'mech voting would be awesome.
- turning off game-mode and map combinations that just don't work well would be fine.
- No respawns in quick play.
- Make quick play 8v8.
- Don't make class-based roles (or any other restriction) ... what if you don't have any of (that specific type) on your team?  Make objectives that any 'mech can accomplish, but some are better than others.
- Expiring cap points are a brilliant idea.
- Progressively improving cap points are an interesting idea.
- Varying the number of cap points on a map-by-map basis (and maybe even randomizing it for each map) would be awesome.
- Possibly have a large number of cap points, but only a small number are active at a time ... cap one, it gives you points for a few seconds and then expires, and a new one (maybe the one the farthest from most of the 'mechs) activates.

Well done, Phil, Tao, and Jay.
Podcasts / Re: No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #158 - Game Modes
« Last post by DivineEvil on Today at 01:37 AM »
Nice podcast, Phil! Some very good discussion and argumentation.

Regarding the problem of Assault, my opinion that it either:
1.) Should be changed for both teams to have three capture points on their side, which all have to be captured to achieve victory, each requiring a bit less time than the current capture point. This way there's more room for either team to react and defend the base, but without simply prolonging the capture time, attackers can maneuver between the points even if threatened by defenders, and several points are not as easily camped as one.
- OR/AND -
2.) Turned into an assymetric mode, with one team defending the point(s) and having few turrets at some distance from it. On the other hand, Attackers has the tactical freedom to attack from any direction. Perhaps capturing the base to some extent (50%?) will flip the turrets against the defenders.

Regarding the problem of balance, map votes and game modes, I think that the idea of selecting a single mech should be thrown out of the window. Instead, any player always has his Drop-decks, which he can drag-and-drop his mechs into, up to the maximum of 240 tons total. A Drop-deck is viable for CW if faction-homogenous, but also can be taken into Quickplay, although only the one currently selected.

There's no map or mode vote needed. A player simply sees the map and the mode and decides which of the mechs in his drop-decks he will use in the match. This way a player can choose how much tonnage he devotes to what circumstances. This will both avoid the perfect-fit choice from all the mechs AND the lack of any choice thereof. Light mechs would be more common because they would be necessary for taking heavier mechs into the deck and might be a better choice for certain maps and modes. For CW, there would be an indication if the deck is properly built for the player's faction just like there is for its tonnage limits.

After that, the next step is to make these 240 tonnes balanced around variants, chassis and factions. Please notify me if you'd be interested in my opinion regarding the balance issues/solutions.
Mechcommander / Re: MCG: Ultimate 130 mission Merge! v2.0b
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 02:32 PM »
Finally merged succesful ALL original campaigns and the following famous user campaigns for MCG ever made:

Original Campaign, Xenocide, X-Ray & Exodus as one campaign overriding original campaign with 89 missions total.

Original Expansion, Bengal, DSC-Raid & Turncoat as one campaign overriding expansion campaign with 41 missions total.

- Recreated all 42 Original Missions in one Mod
- remastered all purchase data files
- added 88 new purchase mission files into existent system
- added 20 new pilots total
- remastered 15% of original mission objectives and units
- packed 100% salvage on original missions
- remastered original campaign
- remastered expansion campaign


DOWNLOAD LATEST PATCH v2.0b (includes patch v2.0a)
- remastered expansion campaign original missions for ultimate expansion merge
- created ultimate expansion merge (41 missions and 3 Operations)
- edited and updated mission Turncoat 03/04 - you dont get 4 Allies at the beginning. HITMAN, HUNTER, HAWK & BEAST forced errors... so i took them and their catapults out. Therefore you start with +260 tons of dropweight and can use 12 mechs instead of only 8 in this mission. This should compensate the missing warrior gifts.
- remastered all expansion purchase files and corrected many bugs

Next steps before final standalone will be done:
- finish work on 20 new warriors
- introducing new warrior artwork
- introducing new warrior assigned artwork
- introducing new warrior descriptions

- reworking main menu artwork
- balancing purchases (alpha version is unbalanced and overloaded with some items, this will change)
- renaming ultimate mod (which was the mod for original game folder) to "darkest hours" (will be the standalone name of this new evolved MCG version fanmade)

And then:
- new story
- new missions (approximately 20 new missions till final new campaign built is done (maybe 50 missions depends on some developments)
- final remastering original missions forming them as close to original game physics like playing them vanilla by a long time run or faster when community helps. I will upload all original mission .abl files then to help supporters with abl experience to create or offer the files they need to change and edit missions in order to make them complete. Which will be a lot of work... still.

The task I have is to create a better then "original" game folder. It will not only contain the ultimate campaigns but also a big load of solomissions to play. Alone the original missions I've recreated to be usable and editable for users contain 42 new solo missions. At the moment for most the start budget isn't enough to play it as solo mission successful but I plan to change that giving each mission a unique starting equipment later.
Also smaller campaigns like the Russian repulse or a never finished mech warrior campaign I will try to introduce as SOLOMISSIONS. So this will be a new heavy weight point of focus soon and the following:
Finally I try to make ALL missions I can MULTIPLAYER compatible. This would bring up many new multi-player maps to compete soon.

So my new standalone will contain all of this and will be usable for multi-player too. This always was one of my main interests. The work on multi-player part of game I will simply enjoy after walking through this nightmare creating the biggest ever existent single campaigns that game ever had.

So enjoy this version now being one of the first playing a complete remastered retro game coming as standalone soon.

Regards RizZ
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by SeanLang on Yesterday at 03:22 AM »
Decided to try my hand at a Hollander...

Definitely not compensating for anything...

This is fantastic. I really appreciate a different take on the aesthetics of these classics!
Podcasts / No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #158 - Game Modes
« Last post by SeanLang on 24 Apr 17 »
Podcasts / Podcast #157 w/Chris Lowrey
« Last post by SeanLang on 24 Apr 17 »
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on 23 Apr 17 »
Decided to try my hand at a Hollander...

Definitely not compensating for anything...


I'm a huge fan of Battletech and I have myself the Starter Kit, Rule Books (Total Warfare, A Time of War, Campaign Operations) and a number of additional models. However the only people I know who play are my friends whom I am GMing A Time of War with, when I can force one to play against me, or the odd co-worker or stranger who played years ago.

I live Around the New Westminster area and can go wherever public transit can take me, I would love if someone could point me to a hobby shop, event, or even yourself so I can expand my collection and meet and play with other passionate fans of the universe. 
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