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MechWarrior Online / Re: ATM's
« Last post by Pektar on Today at 08:10 PM »
Really? Ive seen people complain about the min range, velocity and ease of AMS counter. But So far they have been good to me. The missile system Ive had trouble using are MRM's.
MechWarrior Online / Re: ATM's
« Last post by SeanLang on Today at 07:37 AM »
I haven't heard that they are bad at all. 
MechWarrior Online / ATM's
« Last post by Pektar on Yesterday at 09:34 PM »
Would someone like to explain why I keep hearing ATM's are bad? lol pretty much replacing most of my missiles on clan mechs.
Valhalla Club / So, HG is suing PGI & HBS over the Macross unseen
« Last post by Megaduce Flare on Yesterday at 05:02 AM »
I found out about this news from SidAlpha's YouTube channel (I'm typing this on my Xbox 360, so I can't copy-paste any corresponding links, sorry).

I have to wonder, if Harmony Gold really had a problem with Alex's take on the Macross-based designs, what took them so long to do anything about it? It's been what, 2 years since the 'new' Marauder went up for sale?

I mean I know "It's always about the money Mr. Gat". But, this to me just feels like HG is being petty, again.

Hopefully at the end of all of this we'll still have our Macross Unseen Mechs. I still have yet to play with any of mine (among other 'mechs) due to a computer that was too weak to run the game reliably & is now dead.

Heroes on sale, never had a Ilya Muromets, seen how nasty the old 3xUAC5 builds and the 3xLB10X builds are. Decided to try something with a light engine. Wanted to go with 3xUAC10, but the tonnage was just unworkable. 2xUAC10/1xUAC5 was similarly rough. But this works. Honestly, it would be slightly better to swap the positions of the UAC10 and the left arm UAC5, as the torso hardpoint is higher and it let's you keep all the weapons using one ammo type on one side. But keeping the paired cannons in the arms just made for better ease of usage. YMMV.
Civil War tech upgrade:

Hunchback / Iron Patriot (2xLtGauss, 225 LFE)
« Last post by Escef on 20 Jul 17 »

Between quirks and Cooldown nodes, those Gauss fire ridiculously fast. Most fun I've had with Gauss sinc the charge mechanic was introduced, and most fun I've EVER had in an Inner Sphere Hunchback.
I don't know if that got noticed but: all mission briefings of both campaigns will be updated to make story match with mission order. That will be done when new missions get introduced. So actually the old mission briefings of course cause logic errors when you try to compare it with current mission order. I guess the mystique betrayal I may edit and make another story setup of it.
But as I've told in other threads the mission briefings will be updated. Maybe we talk about that then. When you have ideas how to... just feel free to point it out.

This worked out pretty well for me on the PTS, just finished reassembling it on the live server, will see how it works in 12v12 tomorrow.
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