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20 Apr 17

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Well, the end of introducing last missing expansion missions will be beginning of introducing a new storyline into existent campaigns. When finished the game will have approximately 300 missions to play total.
When you think new close up will be as easy as the vanilla and user campaigns... it won't be easy. But this is the way it goes. I promise in the missions that follow it willbe impossible to keep all warriors alive. Many will die. It will be a new nightmare for mankind showing up into a boring world of absolutism and family establishment. All their relationships willbe meaningless when the new enemy shows his face. Evolved...

Plot prelude I

Cutscene from earthsiege II, by MetalTech, one of the ancestors of BattleTech.

Plot prelude II

Project P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. - BattleTech/(MetalTech) plot background.
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