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25 Apr 17

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Every help in making mod better is appreciated.

Here some files which where asked for as attachment:

The first user campaign mission update (v2.0d) (04/25/2017 - currently under work progress!)
This is only one file from existing user missions I changed to make it part of my campaign without corrupting pilots database. Compared to original I just took out the four allied player controlled Mechs he gets in this final exodus mission. Instead I introduced a third extraction point. This is still buggy bit cause I had no coordinates from editor so I guessed a free position on map. Only bug effect is that Mechs of spawn point 1&2 start at same position (I gave different coordinates) so when u start it shows 12 warriors on bottom but u see actually only 8 of them. When u start moving they split out and u can play mission like usual. I plan to make a better update where Mechs are on right positions but this isn't primary task at the moment. Maybe some of you give it a try and offer ur version. Abl scripting isn't that hard to do and I will try to help if I can or do it myself all alone but then expect all missions to be finally remastered 2020.

Purchase data & Warrior update v3.0 (06/21/2017) - files of expansion and original merge
Includes ~130 purchase files for all missions I've merged. Also it includes the master purchase and xpur for expansion. As effect of "copy" and paste they are quite unbalanced so on long time basis I will overwork them to not overload stores capabilities, cause it's concept was not based on 100 missions. So balancing is primary task when I will focus on that topic. Or maybe anyone wanna try this himself to help making remastering process faster.
Latest News: I have done it myself. I balanced purchase data, fixed bugs with warriors showing up to early and brought them in a logical order. v3.0 purchases have less items and more balance for larger campaigns now.

Artwork Update v3.0 (06/12/2017)
This includes the changes I've just made. It's 2% of what I have in my imagination but modding this into game is stupid repeating same procedure again and again - work and sometimes mc still mess up the colors. In order to get it done faster well made *.png pictures will be needed. So far I did all of them myself with low artwork skills.
Latest News: With finishing the original recreation of vanilla missions next part of colossal artwork patch is done with v3.0.

Full recreated Original & Expansion Missions (v3.0) - Extracted (06/12/2017)
Contains all mission files extracted in prepared subfolders. This way files of original missions can be used to build different campaigns. The way they where stored in basic game version caused many errors. Therefore i recreated them with the structure and as *.fst files compressed - like game wants them to handle. With downloading these files you download also the extracted content of all fst files. Usually in full version of MCG or MCG Darkest Hours player doesn´t see these files cause they are all packed up into each single mission.fst file now. Including all *.abl code of original missions making them work like experienced players where used to. With these files the mission dummies and dumb A.I. missions of Darkest Hours will have an end. They work fine from now on without any bugs or issues. Like they did in original game version.

Have respect with these files. I created this piece by piece within constant workload of 6 hours minimum dayly in four months. This is what was needed all time before last two decades to properly mod the game further than i did for now. These files are not only part of my Full Version 3.0 - Darkest Hours - no they can be also used to fuse original & expansion campaigns into one for example - many demanded it but i didn´t merged these in my Version. Maybe this is a task for some hobby modders in future.
With these files it will be more easy to mod the game content cause i brought many things into order, put files into correct sub-directories and added a Read-Me file with additional informations for modders, the files are prepared that way that they can be used by game. That is the difference between original and recreated missions. Recreated missions are seperated as single *.fst files while ALL original missions are into just ONE *.fst file called Mission.fst (Terrain.fst for Map files).

For more downloads & information have a look into RizZ´s MechCommander Gold - Download Collection!
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