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27 May 17

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Offline Megaduce Flare

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So, did anyone else think they were going to get hundreds of millions of C-bills (if not more) when the Skill Tree dropped & all the modules were refunded?

Because I sure was.

All I got from the refund was a paltry 5 million from the 'mech & weapon modules.

Now I wish I had sold all my modules before the new skill system dropped.

*sighs* This is why you should read the patch notes people. *facedesk*

I apologize if this has been asked before ad nauseam, but why were only modules acquired from after Dec 16, 2016 up to the last patch refunded for C-bills & not ALL the modules refunded for C-bills?

Also, is there a way to view the 'Refund Ledger' again once you've closed it, or is it a "one & done" thing like the 'Item Injection Ledgers'? Never mind, I Found it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be over in the corner smashing my head against the wall & screaming in frustration.
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6 Jun 17

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Offline Marduk

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Im on the same boat with you. Also though all the c-bills ive spent for modules will be refunded to me...

7 Jun 17

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Offline SeanLang

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Yeah I can't really comment on it, cause there isn't a good response. 

Only good thing is if you DID spend a ton of cbills on modules, you got a hefty refund with Historic SP, which if we are honest you would need to use cbills anyway to unlock nodes, but you can just use the HSP. 

Only silver lining, but it is what it is I guess.

7 Jun 17

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Offline Marduk

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Havent modules got converted into GSP and not HSP?
Because to my knowledge the amount of HSP you receive depends on how mastered you had the mech variant(ie fully mastered mech > 91 HSP) and is the only way to receive them.

EDIT: You dont have to pay c-bills to use GSP.
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