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Community Events / Re: San Diego MWO fans Summer Beer Tour
« Last post by Prophet OFC on Yesterday at 08:04 PM »
You know I'm down Tregtronics! Can't wait!
Community Events / Re: San Diego MWO fans Summer Beer Tour
« Last post by Prophet OFC on Yesterday at 08:03 PM »
<hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5> 


***ATTN All Mechwarriors in and around San Diego Combat Theatre***

Immediate assemblage of Company Sized task force required. Embark upon beer laden Jump Ship designation: Scavengers Pinzgauer

Eliminate all cold frothy beverages in sight across multiple combat zones 

Sensitive material and personnel may be on board! Be advised.
Respond to CO Tregtronics with combat availability and efficiency. 
Salvage Rights: Company forgoes salvage rights on this op in favor of bonus payout


Thank you for choosing ComStar
</hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5>

Community Events / San Diego MWO fans Summer Beer Tour
« Last post by Tregtronics on Yesterday at 07:28 PM »
Hey there MWO fans,
UPDATE Safari Class Dropship Inbound:
July 22, 2017, 1030am-3pm.  Carlsbad Train Station Pickup/Dropoff.  BBQ and Beer, ~$110/person.  6 slots left.

I have been thinking how cool it would be to do a San Diego beer tour with some of the MWO fans out there in and around San Diego.  San Diego has a North County, Mid-Town and South County flavors of beer that are all great to taste.  We are legendary for our IPA's due to our crap water in town.  

I was chatting with Prophet OFC and Gimpy21 about it on Twitch, and I am making it happen before the summer slips away.  There are quite a few San Diego people, and a more from Southern California that may want to come down for a beer tour.  Some may be in town for Comic-Con.

Primary Objectives
  • San Diego beer tour for MWO fans.
  • Fill up a 12 person safari-battle-bus with MWO fans
  • Try to get a couple of the streamers together and stoke them out with free beer and fun for always entertaining us
Secondary Objectives
  • Make a game rig(s) available (my Gaming laptop is open to take with us on the tour for instance).
  • Finish with dinner at Ballast Point or Stone?
  • Check out Comic-Con area in the PM if we want

I put a deposit up a charter on one of these,I think this would be a perfect MWO beer tour bus:

Valhalla Club / Re: Person Behind the Mech!
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 01:34 PM »
Play my remastered MechCommander!

I know this is a picture-thread - so i think i´ll have to show you the person behind that "Modders"-Profile//Mech, so here i am:

Sry im not wearing any BattleTech related shirts...
MechCommander Modding / Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Discussion Thread
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 12:53 PM »
Well, the difference you feel between scenarios followed by others is based on the campaigns missions are from. In general Exodus Missions where the hardest cause you often compete superiority and need to play smart to survive/master them. Other campaigns where build more story based with more simple missions like X-Ray or Xenocide for example. Last but not least the Original Missions take part in the basic campaign with also very easy and challenging missions. What i have changed is that you play the different campaigns not straight in a row - but woven into each other based on operations numbers and personal feeling about. So playing easy and hard campaigns merged as a one and a bit shuffled like i did may cause strong differences between missions. But i played through it three times before i introduced full version and i must say all in all i really enjoy these merges - as they make it possible to form a lance which was impossible to achieve in older times.
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on Yesterday at 07:42 AM »
Been a while. Sketching a quick version of a Hauptmann

MechCommander Modding / Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Discussion Thread
« Last post by dashi112 on Yesterday at 06:45 AM »
what i mean is that compared to the previous 2 missions 1-20 seemed too easy for easy mode, also loved doing 1-18 with 8 light mechs ( thats a fun challenge)
MechCommander Modding / Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Discussion Thread
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 05:32 AM »
These crates and others I would like to equip yeah. It's final exodus mission for operation 1. The empty crates where always empty on these campaigns.

If it's to easy...
...try on expert ^^
MechCommander Modding / MCG-DH-v3.0 - Discussion Thread
« Last post by dashi112 on Yesterday at 04:20 AM »
a few more crates are empty when you attack / ambush the star league base ( op 1 mission 20) but i'm not sure if this is intentional so i'm hesitant in bringing it up as it suits the briefing. Also...worth dropping the tonnage on it a little? ( playing on easy) I managed to survive with ease, yes it looked crazy but it didnt feel a challenge unlike 1-18 and 19.

just my thoughts
1- "mixed" techs:
I liked how when designing a mission for Mechcommander, yopu could choose if the player would play as clan or IS. This is no longer the case.
Also when playing multiplayer, I LIKED being able to choose my tech base.
Giving everyting everyone at all times dulls the decisions and makes the game less variable, leading to one "optimized" loadout.
Sure, Clan weapons are better. But they are also more expensive. The same can be said about their mechs. If you tweak tonnage to CP carefully, as we did with my playgroup, IS was very balanced to Clan, because they could actually field better weapons and more mechs for the same amount of points.
Now everything is the same. And boring.
Is there no way to turn off "mixed tech"?

Sure you can turn off "mixed tech" by downgrading master-purchase files (use, (multiplayer), (solo-missions)). Place these files into (just remove if wanna take back changes again)
C:\Games\Darkest Hours\data\missions\... (purchase master files)
Opposite is fact, original game was boring and always the same. I introduced mixed-tech cause the ONLY EXISTING online community for MechCommander demanded it in order to secure supporting me with my Modding.
Since 2006 Mixed-Tech is general Tech of MechCommander. The discussion you wanna start was settled in this time. Im not discussing this Mixed-Tech anymore. When you downgrade your mixed-tech and go online on Gameranger in order to play you face not only disadvantage choosing IS, no you have several items less to buy in logistics. Sure you can do but there are NO people playing active multiplayer left who have your opinion about that matter. They only want to play with mixed-tech for both sides so that competitors always can be sure having same budget and chances to win. They will sure appreciate to meet you with downgraded mixed-tech - cause what they like most is - dominating others and telling them how bad they are.
For Solo-Missions only i introduced Mixed-Tech cause this Way solo-missions not only a single-player beneath campaigns but a training ground for Multi-Player games. With same mixed-tech and kind of budget you start in these missions. So you will be prepared when you face the first active players of Online MechCommander on gameranger. If you don´t want to be prepared like i wisely have chosen for my dear playing community - just downgrade your files and let the people with Mixed-Tech on gameranger slaughter you. Find more people being your opinion, make all a poll and show me majority wants it removed - i will instantly remove it on Darkest Hours!
And just for notice: I ONLY INTRODUCED MIXED-TECH for solo-mission game feature (in order to train under Multi-Player circumstances - only difference your being able to use +20 more pilots whom not work on Multi-Player so i took them out for Multi-Player mixed-tech.
All single-player campaigns containing the old tech-levels - not touched campaign purchases that way. I did modding all this stuff with intention to keep the origin allive. Introducing Mixed-Tech to Multi-Player was a compromise...

2-: I don't seem to remember the "we did it song" in the original game and it's kind of annoying, immersion breaking...
other than that, good work...
(removed my complaint about original campaigns as I now see themth

You´re free to use original sound files too. I have left them in you just need to remove the newer ones and rename the original ones back to its origin file name (the name of the new one). You can find them in your game-folders:
C:\Games\Darkest Hours\data\SOUND\
Files are named
I don´t list up what music is working for what now but to see files i have added just look for the biggest file sizes of wav files. All files larger then 5-10MB are Music-CD-Quality-WAV files i added from my fundus. To listen your own favourite songs you just need to convert files from *.mp3 to *.wav format. Therefore you not even need additional software. I turn mp3 to WAV instant on this site:
I didn´t change any values neither changed the settings presetted on this site. Easy Upload&Download process, putting into SOUND folder and rename to MUSIC file you desire to exchange for better music. You´re of course free to activate original old Mono music.


Okay first see WHAT i have in mind listening to this "favourite" soundtrack of me - from Movie - Scarface:
Sorry i have these scenes in my mind listening to this song... hehe - from that perspective it is TOTALLY not immersion breaking. Just from the point of view of someone not knowing classical best movies ever ^^
- no your right, it IS Immersion breaking ^^ - but intended!

WOW 50 more single player missions!!!! You do not stop amazing us.Thanks !
Out of curiosity, what do you have planned for this amazing Master piece, in future updates ?If you can say.

There is a lot content i can introduce. But i only introduce things from what i know not touching original ingame balance and physics. I would like to keep it still in the original manner. Here a little list of what is on my mind:
- adding TheRepulse campaign (8 Missions)
- doing ArtWork for Resolution problem with game menus
- solving old original bugs of vanilla game and usermade campaigns
- introducing my own missions by enlarging campaigns
- ....
There is a lot content. My MechCommander content folder for Modding is 10GB of size at the moment. There are also files i never touched or looked into deeper - so you can be excited for more ongoing support and update-packages for MCG-DH v3.0. Look into my older development threads for more (some things still not introduced:
v1.0 Development Thread
v2.0 Development Thread

Download below
I don't recommend downgrading with these files. only affects solomissions. The two other Multi-player content. Keep in mind that you may get more crashs using old files and being not comparable with others playing online.
All in all I see no need to change these files four you personally. I gave the players full freedom. Freedom doesn't mean being forced to use best what's available. Your free to use is only stuff in these solomissions and that way ur just using only one tech then. It depends on players desire how to play not developers will how players have to play. That is one of the best arguments for, not against my Remastered Version3.0 and I definitely refuse to see mixed tech as "boring" and all the same... it just depends on what you are making of. Want a challenge? Then just ignore clan stuff... I don't see a problem.
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