Author Topic:  So... I'm very excited!  (Read 5032 times)

30 Sep 15

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Offline Hawktel

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Single player campaign is in! A second Novella from Stackpole is in! Eridani Light Horse is in! Sword of Light is in!
Amazing! I can't wait for this game!

1 Oct 15

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Offline IronArthur

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So question, this game is going to be an offline game which means I download, install, and then disconnect and can play against the AI.  run through the campaign, and or continues campaign.  If we get those modules.  If and this is if we get there and I want to partake I can do PVP which then would be the only part that requires me to be online.

From the KS FAQ:
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?
None of the game's single-player content will require an Internet connection. (If you're using Steam, Steam may require an internet connection on launch.)

1 Oct 15

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Offline Weapon Omega

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And to expand on what IronArthur says.  They've also listed the game as launching on Steam, GoG and Humble, DRM-Free (minus Steam of course) so you should be able to download a direct copy to your HDD, no need to be connected to the 'net after that at all, unless PvP gets added and you want to participate, or for any game updates/patches.

21 Sep 16

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Offline Redgage

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I'm very excited. This was great, thanks.  Sharing info is essential.  No one accomplishes anything by themselves.