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29 Mar 17

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Greetings Mechwarriors,

yesterday i began with the book "Katze unter Bären"

and read a scene which is heavily inspired by the Mechwarrior 2 GBL Intro, "Mad Dog on patrol, hidden Kodiak and so on" ;-)

What a pitty, i think there is only a german version of this book, not an english one.

Do you know any other scenes in the games who are inspired like this of the books or the books from the games? This is funny to read, i know the games very well i am playing them all in the past.

PS: Thanks to NGNG for this great community plattform, really like this especially the MWO Livestreams of Phil "Sean Lang".
And see you on the battlefield!

edit: I think this was my longest post in english typing ever.. ;-)
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