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NGNG News / Fins Up!
« Last post by SeanLang on Yesterday at 03:56 PM »
Artist: Spooky777
Source: HERE
NGNG News / Production Update w/ Russ Bullock
« Last post by SeanLang on 19 Aug 17 »
Community Content / Re: MWO/BT Art by SpOoKy777
« Last post by SpOoKy777 on 17 Aug 17 »
Here's some classic BT action 8)

thx a lot!

problem solved!

I'm happy my game reached Korea, greetings.
For this mission exists a bugfix. You can download it by entering the walk-through thread for original campaign in my MCG guide or one page back in this thread. I've done two bigger bugfixes for original campaign since now which are not included in the current download of full version. The bugfix will change mission objective for Wirth into a kill all enemies objective... mission will then end when map is cleared.

Hi, I'm from Korea and Big Fan of Mechcommander.

And I'm very glad cause your mod Darkest hour. thanks for your appreciate ^^

During the play, I faced some trouble, operation 5-12.

I already finished destroying all of Orbital guns and all of mechs, but still incomplete 6 part(Eliminate colnal wirth)

I killed wirth's turkina and minons, but still incomplete.

I dont know How to insert picture so I just explain only text, but I believe you can understand my story and truoble. If you need screenshots, Let me know your e-mail.

help plz.

In Korea, your Fan, KiHyun.
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