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Title: Civil War Mech & Tech Theorycrafting
Post by: GMan129 on 18 Mar 17
It's finally here! With the timeline skip, we'll be looking at 4 new fan favorite mechs ( as well as oodles of new tech to shake up the battlefield (and balance), hopefully for the better. We'll see.

First up, we have the Uziel. This is one of the mechs that really sticks in my memory from the MW4 days; with a unique shape to it and some cool loadouts, even stock. I love the style for it in this game; it was one of the better-designed mechs in MW4 (even the original art for it is pretty good) and it seems that Alex has stayed pretty close to that design, which pleases me. The biggest gripe I have with this mech (which isn't much of a complaint, more of a pet peeve) is its Hero mech: the Belial. Now, it took a reddit thread ( to jog my memory of why that sounded so familiar, but it's because the mech was introduced in MechAssault as an OP (iirc) version of the Uziel with a Gauss Rifle in each arm. I do think it's cool for PGI to pay it some homage, and copying that build over to MWO would have been a bit absurd (even with Light Gauss it'll go slow and have very little armor), but I really wish that they'd have gone all-out with it.

Next is the Annihilator. This mech is known for two things: tying the Urbanmech for the slowest thing on the battlefield, and carrying a ridiculous amount of firepower. The best way to describe this thing is as the Inner Sphere Dire Wolf; it has the same maximum engine, very similar hardpoints, and probably very similar builds as well. The mech's design is really quite odd, but again, it's in a way that's faithful to the original. Even more than the Cyclops, the shape of this mech's neck and head conjure images of the Geth ( from Mass Effect, lending a suitably alien aesthetic to this mech. Still, I would love to see it without its hands waving in the air.

The first clan mech of the pack is the Cougar. While I have appreciated this mech a great deal in other games, and I think it'll be a real hoot in MW5, I gotta say I'm a disappointed in it here. Weighing in at 35 tons and running at 87.1 KPH after speed tweak, it is the single slowest light mech in the game, and it's even slower than most mediums. Needless to say, I have very low expectations for this mech, but it does have roughly 18.5 tons of pod space. So who knows, maybe it'll be a half-decent weapon boat.

Finally, we have the Mad Cat MK II. Easily one of my own all-time favorites, I cannot wait to play this thing. The design is great; it has a very IIC approach of keeping similar features but using new geometry, and I am in love with the arms. As with the Uziel, it seems to stick pretty closely to existing art for the mech, and that's not a bad thing at all. The mech appears to have pretty good hitboxes (assuming that the missile pods go away when you don't have missiles), lots of hardpoints, relatively high mounts (dem arms), and on top of all that, it's a nomnimech (as in, not an omnimech). So it'll have lots of options for customization. I'm worried that its builds will be too symmetrical and its arms too wide, but it still looks pretty good.

Perhaps more important than all of these new mechs is the new techs (! Seriously, all of the new options have the potential to completely change the meta. I wanted to do a short list of all the bits I'm excited about, but really the list of things I'm not particularly excited about would be way shorter (Stealth Armor, LAMS, IS ER lasers, IS Streaks, LMGs, LAPs, and LTAG). Not to say they won't be good, they just don't tickle me yet.

As such, I'm going to be going over builds as usual, but with an emphasis on making the most of the new technology. I'm also saying that each point of Light Ferro weighs .0296 tons, which seems to line up with the Belial build. But without further ado, let's take a closer look.


Not sure if it'll be better than the existing mediums, but it's fun to think about its futuretech possibilities.


It'll probably be too hot to be legit, but if so you can cut a few JJs for a larger engine and extra heatsink.


The armor's too low, there's not enough ammo, and I'd prefer a couple more jumpjets, but if the Light Gauss is good enough...

UZL-2S [part 2]

Who needs a shield side when you're just a super-sized Hollander?


If HMGs are any good, this could be an interesting way to approach them.


Too hot, too slow, no JJs, and not enough ammo, but goddamn it's got 2 MRM/40s.


Super simple, but I think it might be pretty good. We'll see what the heat's like; could be that this build runs "too cool", and it could fit better on a smaller mech.


I'm feeling enthusiastic about this one. The question is, will it be better than putting 2 ER PPCs on any of the variants with energy side torsos.


So much much to work with...


Yeah, this mech might end up with the highest DPS in the game. Depending on how RACs work out, of course.


This one's pretty much just a stock+ loadout. Kind of a personal fantasy to run 4 AC/10s in a mech, so I'm happy that's gonna happen. Obviously, the XL's gonna be a real bad idea.


I'm pretty sure that Light PPCs will have a ghost heat cap of 4, but I doubt Snub-Noses will get any more than 2. Could be fun if you don't mind shooting in 3 separate groups.




Yeah you know you like that.

Mean Baby

I'm droolin' just a little bit.


Making builds for this mech felt like eating my vegetables as a kid. Or as an adult.

New Lasers

I liked the feel of Heavy Large Lasers in other games, we'll see if they're any good here.




Could be interesting if ATMs are any good. Basically the equivalent of either 2 LRM10s or 3 SRM6s.

Mad Cat MK II

Clans don't get as many fun toys as IS, but let's see what this kitty can do.


Don't worry, this was the least interesting build.


This is pretty hot, but it looks like a pretty goddamn sick brawler. Like the Scorch, but better.


If PGI sticks with TT values, 4 ATM/12s is like 12 SRM6s when fired on HE mode. I feel like PGI's gonna nerf that. I also feel like maybe I should just go purely for ATMs...


This one might actually be worse than the first variant. The CT ballistic seems a bit pointless.


All that dakka comin' out of them arms.


Yeah, I know, it's not new at all. But it could be OP. We'll see how the hitboxes and weapon locations work out.


High damage, high heat Gauss Vomit.

And All the Rest

I wanted to include a few other mechs that struck me as being potentially awesome with the new tech.


Again, maybe the HMG sucks, but if not this could be cool.


I just love that high mount and the 25% Ballistic Cooldown quirk.

MAL-1P, MAL-MX90, or Sleipnir

These guys look like the best option for a straight-up double Heavy Gauss build. And by best, I mean pretty much only.


The Mad Cat MK II is gonna be one of the greats, the Uziel will be pretty good, and the Annihilator will be funny as hell (seriously, I didn't even scratch the surface of the possible silliness). Let's not talk about the Cougar.

I have no idea how the tech is going to be, though, since we don't have any of the actual stats. The Inner Sphere gets a lot more cool stuff than Clans, though, so that could do some interesting things to the balance of the game (I'm already hyped on Light Ferro).

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