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I've created a sub-channel for mechcommander modding.

Chat is persistent, it's easy to communicate with others throughout the day.

So what is everyone's favorite mech of late? Any surprise you that you enjoy that you thought you wouldn't?

One thing I'd like to see is a better distinction between the A/W/J.

IS mechs I always go with A, because the podspace gained for W and the loss of armor isn't worth it. The J should be a in between the A/W for both armor/podspace.

We could easily create a few spreadsheets to help with this.

Stickied, feel free to continuously update this thread!

@Shinypants, love the style man! Any chance I could get the Cicada from above in the 2B/3M variant running and gunning? These are my new desktops haha

NGNG News / Task Force Serpent by Spooky777
« on: 24 Mar 17 »
Source: HERE

Hit me up on our discord server. I'd like to coordinate a few things along these lines!

I'm totally digging the stylish take on these! Keep em coming sir! #Cicadanextplease

Interesting indeed...

Only major issue I see with this is logistics, which assets are available to the player. There might have to be some adjustments made, but regardless very cool!

I always wanted to play the original + expansion campaign together.

NGNG News / Assassin Sneak Peek
« on: 20 Mar 17 »

ooOO mech porn! I like the Lancelot!!

Woot global battletech fan base! Welcome to all the French mechwarriors!!

Don't try to install it on win10. If you have the CD or .ISO image, open that in windows explorer. Copy ALL contents, go to your desktop, create new folder "Mechcommander", open said folder and 'paste'.

Then in your new Mechcommander folder, locate the mechcommander.exe (MCX.exe), right click, copy, paste shortcut on your desktop. Then to run the game, use that shortcut to launch the game. Let me know if you need more help!

NGNG News / Supernova Sneak Peek!
« on: 20 Feb 17 »

NGNG News / Supernova Spotted!
« on: 15 Feb 17 »
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