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NGNG News / Roughneck Sneak Peek
« on: 17 Apr 17 »

Only the fit file.

Other files which change mechs values could be mission *.abl scripts.
But they also contain the same code.

Other files containing mech attributes are .fit files in save games like start0.pkk for example but this is also the same code but these fit files contain also some differences from the others cause there are included informations like what pilot and if assigned or not.

OK I think it's structure tonnage.

As I've noticed tonnage and weapons only have a fictive relation.

Physical in mc total tonnage of mech and equipment tonnage doesn't have any relation.

It means you could have a mech with 25t tonnage but 200t weapon loadoat for example when you modify the fit file right.

Logically weight must drop when u unmount weapons. But in game total tonnage for mech always is same no matter how much equipment is mounted.

What other file controls mech attributes?

Mechcommander / Calculating Mech Tonnage
« on: 10 Apr 17 »
Question: I'm trying to figure out how to calculate how much free tonnage a mech has when stripped of all equipment + weapons.

Example: COM-A 25 Ton
Armor: 6 ton
Structure: 2.5 ton
Engine: -4.5 ton //basically a free modifier used by dev's to raise/lower tonnage to fit their needs
4 x SRM 3 ton / 12 ton **accounts for 1 ammo each
1 laser 4 ton
Gyroscope: 2 ton
Cockpit: 3 ton

Mechcommander / Re: MCG Guide - Master
« on: 9 Apr 17 »
Let me get this all sorted this week for you guys!

NGNG News / 36th Dieron Regulars
« on: 7 Apr 17 »
Artist: Alan Blackwell
Website: HERE

Lol. Sound files will come up later. Artwork I try to finish earlier means pilots pics names, nameplates and descriptions.

Sounds good to me!

Am i allowed to introduce u as pilot?  8)

Do I get to record my lines?!

Great to hear! Look forward to streaming this!

That is fantastic sir!

NGNG News / Clan Heroes II
« on: 5 Apr 17 »
New Clan Heroes are up for pre-order: HERE

« on: 31 Mar 17 »
Coming to a mechbay near you soon! HERE

Welcome back bud! How you enjoying the bushies?

NGNG News / Re: BATTLETECH Update #37
« on: 29 Mar 17 »
Nice, which engine is battletech using?


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