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SoundCloud has been updated and is current, sorry for the delay guys!

NGNG News / Incoming Transmission
« on: 6 Sep 16 »
Transmission received...

What can you make of it?

Podcasts / No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #143
« on: 16 Jun 16 »
Daeron "Bombadil" and Phil "Sean Lang" chat about MWO, and upcoming patches and updates to the game.

Hey there, sorry for the late response. Unfortunately at this time, there is no international shipping option. This is however a new service from Amazon, so we're expecting them to add new features soon, including hopefully adding more countries.

NGNG News / New NGNG TS3 Server Info!
« on: 19 Apr 16 »
Hi everyone, due to a recent server migration with our TS3 host, we now have new server info:
Password: mechwarrior

Podcasts / No Guts No Galaxy #138
« on: 7 Apr 16 »

Join Daeron "Bombadil", Phil "Sean Lang", Alex "Flyingdebris" Iglesias from PGI, SideStrafe and many more for the Clan Wolf International Invitational 4v4 Tournament!

When: Starts Saturday, March 26th at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
Where: Watch it live @
More Info:

Event sponsored by GameTyrant, GeekTyrant, and Piranha Games, with giveaways throughout the event!

Hi Rom! Yes the faction pattern used is the Liao faction pattern, and the colors are Titanium White, Hotrod Black, and Jade Falcon Gold. Cheers!

Catalyst Game Labs announced today the return of BattleTech fiction! The first of the BattleTech Legends series includes such classics as Wolves on the Border, Highlander Gambit, Double Blind and more! Available in ebook format, this initial collection is only the beginning, with more BattleTech novels to be released on a regular schedule. Huzzah!

Full Story:

That's right, MRBC Season 7 signups are coming to a close. There are less than 3 days left to get your team signed up for the biggest league in MWO, with over 64 teams signed up already, multiple divisions, and MC prizes! Sign up at today!

Podcasts / No Guts No Galaxy #135
« on: 27 Jan 16 »

NGNG News / No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #135
« on: 27 Jan 16 »

Phil and Daeron return with the No Guts No Galaxy podcast #135, discussing the new map Polar Highlands!

NGNG News / NGNGtv To Shift Focus
« on: 18 Jan 16 »
Due to our increased responsibilities with PGI, and after months of discussion, Phil and I have decided to simplify things with the way we run NGNGtv. As of today, Phil and I will be the exclusive streamers on NGNGtv. This will reduce our exposure to misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and extra drama that can sometimes come with managing a multi-personality channel, as well as reduce our workload. Exceptions will be pre-arranged special events, such as 24-hour charity streams, etc.

This isn't a personal thing, as we have absolutely loved working with each and every one of our NGNGtv streamers over the years. We will continue to support their private channels and endeavors in every way that we can. We've also applied for a Twitch Team, and it goes through, all of our current and former NGNGtv streamers are pre-approved to join if they would like to.

Thanks to your support, we now have 2 new emotes available for our Twitch channel! We're also replacing one of our original emotes, so that means we need to come up with 3 in total. Since you made this possible, we're also going to give you the opportunity to create the new emotes, to be forever immortalized on NGNGtv! Not only that, if your emote is one of the final 3 selected, you win your choice of any single item in the NGNG store.

If you have an emote(s) that you would like to submit, please reply to this post with your images in the 3 sizes mentioned below. Good luck!

Emote Specifics from Twitch:

What are the requirements for getting my emote approved?
Your emote must conform to certain guidelines in order to get approved. Most importantly, you must have all of the necessary rights to the image that you are uploading to our website. Please do not upload copyrighted images that you do not have the rights to use.

Other requirements:
  • You must upload the image in three different sizes: 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px, and 112 x 112px
  • The image must be uploaded in the PNG format
  • The image must have a transparent background
  • The file size cannot exceed 25kb

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