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Hunchback / Iron Patriot (2xLtGauss, 225 LFE)
« Last post by Escef on Today at 03:18 PM »

Between quirks and Cooldown nodes, those Gauss fire ridiculously fast. Most fun I've had with Gauss sinc the charge mechanic was introduced, and most fun I've EVER had in an Inner Sphere Hunchback.
MechCommander Modding / Re: MCG-DH-v3.0 - Future Improvements
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 04:18 AM »
I don't know if that got noticed but: all mission briefings of both campaigns will be updated to make story match with mission order. That will be done when new missions get introduced. So actually the old mission briefings of course cause logic errors when you try to compare it with current mission order. I guess the mystique betrayal I may edit and make another story setup of it.
But as I've told in other threads the mission briefings will be updated. Maybe we talk about that then. When you have ideas how to... just feel free to point it out.

This worked out pretty well for me on the PTS, just finished reassembling it on the live server, will see how it works in 12v12 tomorrow.
Hunchback / The Bruiser (2x SRM6+A, 4x ML, LFE275)
« Last post by PoorDecisions on Yesterday at 06:18 AM »
Not a bad little brawler. Take or leave the LAMS in exchange for another DHS but the slots / tonnage is an awkward deal.

This same tonnage works swapping out the aSRM4's with SRM6's, which ever you prefer. I personally prefer the SRM4's with artemis over SRM6's without artemis for their faster fire, cooler heat, and more pinpoint accuracy at 270m. Why bother firing 2 extra missiles when the 6's spread is just going to send them off to an adjacent body part instead of what you want to destroy? :P No ECM because it got gimped to the ground unless you waste precious skill nodes.

Two variations here.

Here's one with some long range poke and some mid range sustain. Quite fun, a little toasty.

If you drop the Light PPC's this bad boy cools off pretty well. It's a shame this thing doesn't have JJs.

Blackjack / Bound and Pound (2x HPPC, 3x JJ, XL235)
« Last post by PoorDecisions on Yesterday at 05:53 AM »
I tried fitting an LFE on here, but it just wasn't working right. Still sporting an XL. It's too hot to reliably poptart in a sustained fight so we'll call it "poptarding" instead. It's still fun in casual matches. Oh, and bring coolshots. :P

well the thing is any mission that starts with "Mystiques log" seems to want to be seperate mission chain ( currently everything carries over mission to mission even though it doesnt make sense), it just doesnt have the seperate mechs / shop / pilots implimented for it. the only thing you would have to add would be an extension to a mission showing mystiques betrayal.
i checked original XRay mission too...same problem

if that random star is not a bug, fine then
but pilot replacement cant be something normal

same problem in both games...XRay and MCG DH...his ShadowCat is missing in bay after mission and he take someone's else place..

*and...enemy mechs from northen side are random too? Because i just noticed they are different almost everytime :)
Funny, I played this mission yesterday and got mad cat and shadow cat in mechbay after this mission. That star enemy is random. It's part of creators abl scripting, no bug think they did it to make it more dynamic. That pilot problem I didn't recognized. I will have a look on it when time comes.
This is no easy mission. The battles north side can be won easy. South side of river starting with only one tank is hard. But possible when you use the enemies airstrikes to enter base and capture mech bay to activate new units.
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