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They are linked in their respective threads are they not? Should be a download link at the top of every post.
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on Today at 07:22 AM »

Couple more...

Mechcommander / Re: MCG: Ultimate 90 mission Merge! v1.0
« Last post by magic on Today at 03:56 AM »
Nice work!
Thank you for bringing this old game back from the dead.

A few comments on your mod:
First exodus mission is too early in your merged campaign (you dont have enough heavy and assault mechs for 4 slots), nor money to buy that Atlas - its too slow for that mission anyway.

You made magic pilot green with zero gunnery available when there is no need for such a pilot (is there a way to add pilot picture?) >:( ;)

Found one more pair of campaigns digging through my old disks - will post on moddb soon... (have problems reading data from the disk)

Please update your post with instructions for compatibility mode for win 10 and win 8 users.
NGNG News / Re: BATTLETECH Update #37
« Last post by Norsfyr on Today at 03:48 AM »
Ah right, forgot this. Thanks. So I could run Battletech on my Linux system.
Mechcommander / Re: MechCommander Gold - Mech Tonnage Fix v1.0
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 03:45 AM »
With starting mechs and pkk files I can help now.

Saturday I spend whole day working on PKK files.

I have made a new version 2.0 of my MCGPKKwork tool including a new exe making it more comfortable editing start files. I could update the mechs in it for ur version.

But in order to do it I need your updated *.fit files for units.
Mechcommander / Re: MechCommander Gold - Vehicle Rebalance v0.3
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 03:43 AM »
Great work.

Am I allowed to build it into my mod?

I would like to put it in bundle as optional mod/patch.
Mechcommander / Re: MechCommander Gold - Mech Tonnage Fix v1.0
« Last post by Confused Shelf on Yesterday at 05:53 PM »
Quick tutorial for Sean Lang.

First of all, the starting 'Mechs are defined elsewhere, in one of the PAKs. When I was testing my mod I was using one of the Solo Missions and everything appeared to be working fine. Now I know that the starting Firestarter in the original campaign and the starting Centurion and Jagermech in the expansion will have the vanilla 35, 55 and 70 tons. I'll go looking for them later on, or someone else can make that fix.

In the mean time just sell and repurchase the starting 'Mechs and you'll find they have the corrected tonnage.

ANYWAY! For correcting 'Mechs all the changes you need to make are in MISSION.FST. Extract that and pick the 'Mech you want to alter. You'll find all the 'Mech files in data/missions/profiles.

For this example I'm going to be changing the Firestarter. The Firestarter is PM101xxx so make sure you open all the variants of the 'Mech you want to change.

Under [General] you'll find "f CurTonnage = x" where 'x' is the tonnage. In this case it reads 30. I want to change that to 35. Literally all you need to do is change the 'x' to the desired value and it'll change how much the 'Mech weighs.

HOWEVER, this creates some problems.

If you are increasing the tonnage then it is relatively simple. You've got an extra five tons so you can chose where to utilise the extra tonnage in that same file. Let's say I want an extra 3 tons of armor and 2 tons of ammo (just to keep things simple).

Scrolling further into the file I see [Armor]. "uc Type = x" and "f Tonnage = x" are the two variables in this section. Before you change armor understand that Armor Tonnage and Armor Points are two different things AND are independent of each other.

The former affects how much space a 'Mech has when you are fitting guns to it. If you set it to 100 tons you'll find that you can't add any guns BUT the 'Mech will be no stronger than it was before.

The latter is the actual protection of a 'Mech. You can have a 'Mech with 1 ton of armor giving it loads of space for guns but 1000s of armor points making it nearly invulnerable.

Just because all that is complicated enough, the amount of Armor Points appears to be a multiplier on the Armor Tonnage which I'll explain below.

If your 'Mech has 1 ton of Armor, that gives you 16 Armor Points to spend. If you exceed that, you'll find that the game reads the 'Mech as having more than 1 ton of armor. So referring to our above example, if I try to add three tons of armor but add more than 48 armor points, I'll find that if I remove two tons of weaponry, I won't be able to add them back because the game thinks there are only 1.9314etc tons available.

Here is where "uc Type = x" comes in as well. A type of 0 is Ferro-Fibrous Armor. A type of 1 is standard armor. In MechCommander Ferro-Fibrous Armor gives you a 1.25 modifier to the amount of Armor Points you have available to spend in the 'Mech's .FIT file. So if I want to add 3 tons of armor, I have an extra 60 points to spend, not 48 points as mentioned above.

In other words, modify with care.

Trying to reduce a 'Mech's overall tonnage is more difficult. Presumably you want to balance the loss of both armor and guns, not just x tons of armor with the same guns, or vice versa. You have to remember to calculate how many armor points you need to remove for each ton of armor you are removing, and don't forget to consider armor type.


Hope this helps.

Just make sure you do some thorough testing. You'll probably find that on many 'Mechs the existing don't fully matchup so you'll need to remove one or two more armor points than you thought. Just subtract a couple at a time until it works.

You don't need to reboot the game each time, just return to the main menu and it will reload the .FIT files.
Mechcommander / MechCommander Gold - Vehicle Rebalance v0.3
« Last post by Confused Shelf on Yesterday at 05:18 PM »

To install, extract the files from the zipped folder and paste the contents into your DATA folder. It will ask to overwrite OBJECTS (make a copy first) and then it should run just fine since I've already handled the folder hierarchy.


Complete armor overhaul
Major speed corrections
Internal Structure now modeled
Minor ammo corrections
Updated descriptions for all vehicles
Unique pilots for all vehicles

Okay so first things first. This update was supposed to take a day or two. Ended up taking longer than the first two releases combined. Probably spent around 12+ hours doing this over the past week

IMPORTANT: Asking the game to load from anywhere other than MISSION.FST increases the MechBay load time from around two seconds to six seconds. This is totally unavoidable if I want to edit that file. If you don't like this minor inconvenience then simply delete (or move it somewhere else). You'll only ever notice this when you go back to the MechBay at the end of a mission, otherwise everything runs as usual.

I discovered the fantastic Solaris Skunkwerks (and Solaris Armor Werks too) which has a complete list of every 'Mech/Vehicle that has ever had a record sheet printed about it. This program has every bit of information you could ever wish to know about a vehicle, including the distribution of armor points.

Whereas before I was guesstimating what the armor points for a vehicle would be based on what I could find on, now I have 100% accurate figures for every vehicle*. Took quite a while to update them all.

Couple of exceptions on the armor front (jesus christ, I've gone full american, I don't even think about spelling it 'armor' now). First of all, in MechCommander all vehicles have a turret. In BattleTech that is not true. To resolve this issue I've set turret armor to match side armor where relevant. This gives those vehicles without turrets a minor (almost insignificant) armor bonus over what they should have but it is the most fair way to go about things. Interestingly, their damage display on the HUD for vehicles without turrets doesn't have a seperate area to display the damage to this region but I've tested it and it is there.

Vehicle speeds have got a complete overhaul. had a mix of cruise speeds and flank speeds listed on the pages. Now I have set every vehicle to travel at its cruise speed. This restores some sense of realism, hovercraft accelerating to stupid speeds in an instant always looked goofy.

The only exception is the Mobile Artillery. It has a cruise speed of 6m/s but the game exe defines "walk speed" as 9m/s. Therefore you can get the vehicle to move faster by doing a regular move order rather than a sprint order. Honestly I think the 6m/s was too slow so I'm not too fussed.

Internal Structure stats has been added to every vehicle. This increases survivability of all vehicles over 10 tons. In the vanilla game the vehicles all had an internal structure of 1, far below what they should have.

You'll see a better descriptions for each vehicle you can buy that more accurately reflect their new canon loadouts. There's also a little fluff squeezed in there where I can.

The player vehicle pilots have all been rebalanced. By default light vehicles have skills of 35, medium 50, heavy 60 and assault 75. Vehicles with sensors have a sensor skill relevant to their purpose. For example an Alacorn has a sensor skill of 35 because it's purpose is not to scout. A Pegasus, even though it is a light vehicle, has a sensor skill of 75 because that is the entire purpose of that vehicle.

NEW VEHICLE: - I repurposed some unused assets for an Elemental Carrier to create a new vehicle, the Maxim. The assets bear many similarities with the Maxim. Even better, there was a 3050s redesign for which there is no picture so I'm claiming my Maxim is the new model. Even, even better, the new model has a variant designed to carry Battle Armor (an Elemental Carrier if you will), so that's what I'm using for the stats. It won't appear anywhere in game yet but in the future I have plans to do a campaign reworking which will include the vehicle. Alternatively change things yourself, it is PV20400.

Hope you enjoy the changes. Check out the reddit page to see a comparison table:

This is the last update for the vehicle balance for now. v1.0 will launch after I've reworked the weapons, which is my next project. I'll then correct the weapons loadouts where needed and launch the final version.
NGNG News / Re: BATTLETECH Update #37
« Last post by SeanLang on Yesterday at 01:15 PM »
Nice, which engine is battletech using?

BattleTech Universe / Battletech Books - Mechwarrior Games
« Last post by Norsfyr on Yesterday at 12:40 PM »
Greetings Mechwarriors,

yesterday i began with the book "Katze unter Bären"

and read a scene which is heavily inspired by the Mechwarrior 2 GBL Intro, "Mad Dog on patrol, hidden Kodiak and so on" ;-)

What a pitty, i think there is only a german version of this book, not an english one.

Do you know any other scenes in the games who are inspired like this of the books or the books from the games? This is funny to read, i know the games very well i am playing them all in the past.

PS: Thanks to NGNG for this great community plattform, really like this especially the MWO Livestreams of Phil "Sean Lang".
And see you on the battlefield!

edit: I think this was my longest post in english typing ever.. ;-)
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