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23 Dec 14

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I have had a question that has be rolling around in my mind for some time now just how powerful is a Mech for BattleTech next to a Mech or Mecha from other games. The game that come to my mind the fastest is the Armored Core series but there are other games that are out there like Chrome Hounds, Gun Metal, Heavy Gear, Titanfall, Star Siege, Earth Siege and so on. I know that this is a large number of games to look at. Having played and number of these and other games I would have to say that Armored Core machines have higher speed, better close in combat and close to the same long range fire power. I would like to know what other people think on this I would also ask that we other talk about Mech or Mecha that are from just game series. Ones from anime and anime bases game I think are just outside of this topic and can be seen as having way to much power case is point Zone of the Enders and Strike Suit Zero.

17 Feb 17

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In a nutshell, no matter the 'Mechs' offered, they would all get
by WH40K 'Titans'.
And that is without even mentioning the ones 'warped' by the forces of Chaos....
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26 Feb 17

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No fair comparing our tiny 'Mechs or other Mecha to W40K Titans.....agreed any Titan would stomp a Battlemech!
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