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16 Jun 16

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Offline Bombadil

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Daeron "Bombadil" and Phil "Sean Lang" chat about MWO, and upcoming patches and updates to the game.

19 Jun 16

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Offline kageru

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Great discussions.

Listening to Daeron try to explain how 'mech / weapon heat works (before even getting into heat scale / ghost heat) highlights the reason why an official wiki has been long, long missed.  Stats, 'mechanics, lore, etc. ... hopefully all provided by the community (but moderated by PGI).

It's very interesting to watch the features vs. polish discussions come and go, just like the 'mech pack vs. individual 'mech release discussions, etc.  After six months or so, the cycle will start again.

With the re-scaling -- especially with the 35-tonners almost all getting substantially larger -- and with energy draw making damage spread more likely and probably increasing time-to-kill, it will be interesting to see if actual roles will start to develop.

20 Jun 16

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Offline Marduk

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Are going to upload it to Soundcloud guys? Eagerly awaiting it there since YT is nono in work for me.