Author Topic:  No Guts No Galaxy Podcast #149 w/Randall Bills  (Read 941 times)

27 Oct 16

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Offline SeanLang

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Daeron "Bombadil" and Phil "Sean Lang" sit down with Randall Bills (Managing Director, Catalyst Game Labs) and discuss the past, present and future of BattleTech tabletop, novels and lots more!

27 Oct 16

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Offline Cattra Kell

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Did someone say more novels?  I think someone said more novels!

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29 Oct 16

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So lets get this straight.  There is 4 NEW books ready to drop right now.  They are working on a new edition of the game it sounded like.  And awesomeness is being ready to drop with the re-releasing of basically every BT book.  Well then Happy Days is coming.
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