Author Topic: CP-10-Q  "Madclops" (7x LRM5+A, 3x ML, STD 325) [Not Serious]  (Read 669 times)

4 Nov 16

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So, for sake of argument, let's say you're burnt out on the SRM splat meta that's all the rage right now & for kicks & giggles you want to run LoLRMs on your 10-Q, but haven't had enough head trauma to seriously consider going the full 110 lurms.

If that truly is the case, then this is the "solution" for you: 7 LRM 5s with Artemis, 11 tons of ammo, 0 regrets*. And a few back up MLs for the rare occasion that you actually run out of ammo & still have your arms or RT.

*: Actual number of regrets may vary depending on the pilot. Use at own risk.
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