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4 Dec 16

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The Roughneck heavy mech was one of the many reveals that came out of yesterday, and I for one am pleased that PGI finally gets to create an original mech from the ground up. Based on the Loader King chassis (which also seems to be a new invention), this 65-ton battlemech has a suitably industrial aesthetic and I was rather taken aback when I first saw it. Though my initial hopes were along the lines of melee combat, I remain excited about the prospect of PGI's art and design teams getting to fully build a mech from scratch. Even if it ends up seeming like more of the same once it hits the game, I'm sure it's at least more fun to work on!

As far as its performance is expected to go, there are a few features that stick out to me. The first is the Hollander-style shoulder cannon, placed right at the top of the chassis next to the cockpit. This is bound to be a pivotal element of many builds, particularly those using energy weapons, which will have 4 high mounts instead of just one or two. The problem with focusing entirely on high mounts with the ballistic variants is that there aren't enough other useful high mounts, as the others are missiles (not great for hill-humping) or a head laser.

It also does seem to have pretty swell hitboxes - there are lots of gaps between relatively slender components, and the arms look to be massive shields. This is one of those things that you can never be sure about until you're in the cockpit, but I'm optimistic about its survivability.



  • Endo, Standard Armor (stripped arms, 57 per leg, max elsewhere), XL295 (79KPH)
  • 2x UAC/5 with 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x Artemis SRM6 with 2 tons of ammo
  • Head Flamer
  • 12 DHS
I'm sure triple UAC/5 will be more popular, but it won't be able to surpass the JM6-DD with that build and it feels wrong to build this mech with more of the same (though I'm totally going to be doing that on the Hero anyways). This build looks like a really nice dense bracket build that would be a blast to play in the occasional game where you get to start at mid range and close to short without dying.


  • Endo, Standard Armor (stripped arms, 57 per leg, max elsewhere), XL280 (75KPH)
  • 3x Artemis LRM15 with 8.5 tons of ammo
  • Head TAG
  • 12 DHS, BAP
I know, gross. At first I was gonna do 3 high-mounted SRM6's, but I figured that the next one would be a better brawler, and I couldn't think of anything particularly special about this mech besides the 3 side torso missile hardpoints. Don't worry, it'll pick up from here.


  • Endo, Standard Armor (49 per leg, max elsewhere), XL300 (80.4KPH)
  • 4x Artemis SRM4 with 4.5 tons of ammo
  • LBX 10 with 2 tons of ammo
  • 14 DHS
This serves as kind of a jumbo SHD-2D2, running a very splat-heavy build that should put out crazy DPS. The lack of jumpjets and mediocre engine will both hold it back for sure, but it's still a good bit of firepower that should wreck shop in a brawl. I'm not a huge fan of how spread out those SRMs are going to be, but it should be workable.


  • Endo, Standard Armor (stripped right arm, 53 per leg, max elsewhere), XL285 (76.4KPH)
  • 2x AC/10 with 6.5 tons of ammo
  • 3x Medium Laser
  • 12 DHS
This variant had me a bit discouraged at first as its only unique feature is the CT energy hardpoints, and I was having trouble translating that into a unique and good build. But I like what I came up with here - the WHM-6R taught me that this build will probably be quite hot, but I'm excited to see how it works as a mid-range DPS machine.


  • Endo, Standard Armor (stripped arms, 57 per leg, max elsewhere), XL295 (79KPH)
  • 4x Large Pulse Laser (2 per side torso)
  • Medium Laser in the head
  • 17 DHS
Normally I'm not a huge fan of shoehorned laser variants, but I'm actually excited about getting one that looks to have 4 super-high mounted energy hardpoints! Two other options that follow the same idea are a quad PPC boat (you have to drop the head laser, but you go a little bit faster), and an ER laser sniper which could be a competitive powerhouse.


  • Endo, Standard Armor (stripped LA, 45 per leg, max elsewhere), XL270 (72.3KPH)
  • 2x PPC
  • Gauss Rifle with 3.5 tons of ammo
  • 14 DHS
It definitely seems like the Hero is going to be the strongest of the Roughnecks, which is disappointing to be sure, but at least it doesn't seem like it'll be an OP mech in general. The low-mounted ballistic arm holds it back a fair bit, and better versions of the same build are already available on better chassis like the Timber Wolf. Still, can't wait to play it.


While I'm certain you'll be able to make good use of the chassis by just getting the base pack of 3, the Hero does add the potential for quite a few other unique builds. Particularly when you look at how good those builds are compared to the interesting (but less-than-stellar) options you get from the base 3, it seems like your best bet if you're willing to shell out a bit extra.

But from where I'm standing, there's not a whole lot of reason to get the Reinforcement pack.


Roughneck variants with high energy mounts are likely going to be included in many long-ranged competitive drops, and they'll shine well in PUGs to boot. Most of the other variants look to be great all-rounders, but I doubt they will amount to much more than bigger, ballistic-er Shadowhawks (that can't jump). I wouldn't be surprised to put a few in Tier 2, but I doubt any will make it to Tier 1 unless the game gets shaken up...though, I'll be talking about Mech Con within the next few days.

I'll also be posting a late review of the Linebacker - I got it late and was about halfway through writing it when family and Thanksgiving stuff took over, so apologies about all that, but I'm going to get back to writing it now! And by now, I mean after I get some food.

GMan129 is an officer of the Steel Jaguar competitive team, he is the owner of and writer for MetaMechs, and he does some writing for NGNG as well. He has been playing MechWarrior Online since the early days of closed beta, and has spent far too much time and money on this crap. If you're interested in supporting his self-destruction, consider checking out his Patreon!
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12 Dec 16

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All i see is a heavier Hollander.
Is that a bad thing? I really dunno...

12 Dec 16

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Man, I just want a normal Hollander...

But I know I'd only play it, like, twice.

13 Dec 16

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I agree, one weapon mech is so specific and why add it when theres Grid Iron doing basicaly the same thing now...