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12 Jan 17

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12 Jan 17

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Thoughts after listening:

Multiple queue options (like region options)
  - Default queue - any game mode
  - Skirmish queue  - game mode ALWAYS skirmish -
  - Objective queue - game mode ALWAYS with an objective

         : cap points provide benefits (repair, bonus dmg, whatever) and contribute to resource 'limit'
         : reaching resource limit doesn't end game

         : No countdown while under fire
         : Timer countdown doesn't end the game. Turns on secondary timer to destroy the other team and gives bonuses to the capping team.

Assault: QP version of invasion without respawn. Attacker needs to destroy fixed target(s) inside defender base.


Convoy: Like escort, but multiple, smaller "VIPs". Teams gain rewards based on number of vehicles that make it to the end point.

Completing objective BEFORE the opposing force is destroyed grants extra rewards (MC, decals, whatever)
Objective performance (capping base/conq points/dom circle) grants better rewards

  - Pyhrric Victory: destroying the opposing force without completing objective
  - Nice Legs: Take Z0eff's leg 3 times -> reward: hanging cockpit item of a cicada leg
  - Monster hunter: Kill 10 assault mechs while piloting a light mech
  - Monster slayer: Kill 100 assault mechs while piloting a light mech
  - Demon Hunter: Kill 10 Hellbringers or Hellslingers
  - Demon Slayer: Kill 100 Hellbringers or Hellslingers

Radar deprivation: requires ECM-capable mech (that's the point of ECM after all). Having it as a module that can be on any mech is silly if the mech doesn't have ECM capability at the very least (not necessarily ECM equipped).