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21 Mar 17

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Hey everyone,

Got a little something for you today, an idea I've been planning for over a year now. Finally spent a few hours changing the files and testing them.

Have you ever felt that the vehicles in MechCommander don't pose as much of a challenge as they should? Well I have and so I decided to make some minor changes to the vehicles.

I researched every vehicle on and changed the weapons to reflect their canon appearance. Speeds and armour have also been corrected.

Some of the major changes:
  • Almost all vehicles are faster
  • Many of the hover vehicles have speeds that look ridiculous in MCG so they have all been restricted to 36 m/s (the same speed as the Stiletto, the current fastest vehicle)
  • Armour values have been bumped in most of the heavier tanks
  • Von Luckners and Rommels will now wreck your day royally
  • Many of the light vehicles have actually become even weaker
  • No more AC/20 Bulldogs, no idea why they were a thing
  • Rommels now take over that role, like they should
  • SRM Carriers are tiny boxes of death (In testing I sent one up against a single Shadow Cat and it obliterated the 'Mech. Fear them more than you ever did an AC/20. 30 SRM/2s (10 SRM/6 is canon) are not to be laughed at)
  • Rushing Strikers no longers works, many other vehicles now have a mix of ranges
  • Saracens are no longer outfitted like Scimitars
  • Mobile Artillery now have Long Toms in campaign
  • And other things you'll just have to discover, all canon, no tricks

To install, extract the files from the folder and paste the contents into your DATA folder. It will ask to overwrite OBJECTS (make a copy first) and then it should run just fine since I've already handled the folder hierarchy.

Planned changes for v0.2:
  • All vehicles are gimped with 25 gunnery (Hawk has 30) which is ridiculous
  • The type of vehicle will now determine the skill of the pilot so things like the Alacorn will become even more dangerous
  • Fix whatever weird bit of code is stopping me from increasing the speed of the Schrek. For some reason it is capped at 9 m/s (should be 15) and the game crashes when I try to increase it
  • Same problem with trying to slow Mobile Artillery, won't go down to 9 m/s without crashing
  • Change hovercraft speeds depending on feedback
  • Look at rebalancing the various trucks/rigs which I glossed over
  • Investigate modding elementals, can I create multiple types
Beyond that I have a couple of other ideas for MCG mods. Tomorrow I'm hoping to release a fix for the Firestarter, Centurion, Jagermech tonnage. I have an expansive weapons mod planned (~80 new pieces of equipment, all canon, more than double stock content) that I want to complete before I look at rebalancing the 'Mechs.

Enjoy. I welcome your feedback.

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Success! Took me several hours to work it out but finally found something on the forums which clued me into where I was going wrong. OBJECTS2.PAK isn't a .txt file. Just because it can be viewed in Notepad++ doesn't mean it can be safely edited in there. I broke out the old trusty HxD and opened the file there. Now I can change whatever I want without the file corrupting.

Schrek and Mobile Artillery now travel at 15 m/s and 9 m/s respectively.

Next step is creating a new pilot for each vehicle. These will only be used by player vehicles (modding the mission files to change AI pilots is easy but a huge task for later) so I'll focus only on the tanks you can use in the Solo Missions. After that I'll edit the purchase files so you can buy those tanks in the two campaigns.

I can indeed edit Elementals and create multiple types if I wanted. Another thing I won't think about until it is time to edit the MIS0xMx files.

I'll aim to release v0.2 by Friday morning.
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