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21 Mar 17

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Second mod in what will hopefully be a series of mods I'm releasing over the next couple weeks.

This mod aims to fix the Firestarter, Centurion and Jagermech tonnage error. In game those 'Mechs are listed as 30, 55 and 70 tons respectively when they should be 35, 50 and 65 tons.

This mod slightly changes the balance of these three 'Mechs and their variants:
  • The W-variants of all three 'Mechs is much closer to the A and J
  • The Firestarter has a very minor weapon tweak and slightly more armour
  • The Centurion retains the exact same loadout (since it is canon) but has less armour
  • The Jagermech has more armour but less guns

To install simply copy the "missions" folder into the DATA folder wherever the game is installed. If you already have a "missions" just copy the individual files but make sure the folder structure remains the same (DATA/missions/profiles/*file*).

Worth noting I only checked to see if these worked correctly in the mechbay and that they didn't crash the game. The balance might be way out of wack. The numbers all seemed reasonable but if you find they are made of paper/adamantium then let me know and I'll fix it.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Yesterday at 08:35 AM

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Hit me up on our discord server. I'd like to coordinate a few things along these lines!

Yesterday at 10:43 AM

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