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Original: MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures

Looking for Mech Commander Gold downloads? Then klick here.

MCG - Desperate Measures Original
In order to proper run game it is recommended not to use a cracked version of exe file. To run MCG first download the Original ISO. After downloading ISO just mount it in a virtual drive or burn ISO on a disk. Keep in mind! These days you only need it to start and run the game, NOT TO INSTALL IT - installing on newer Systems then Windows 98 SE cause errors or isn´t possible because it´s a 16bit installer. You may be able to install it but in 80% of all cases it causes problems during installation and installation maybe corrupted in the end. To proper install game you just need to download the Original Game folder below with pre-installed features like patch 1.8 inside.

Original Game Folder (v1.8 patch inside)

MCX Original - Game Folder - modified with in-game high resolution game.exe files for single-player
--- Download Original Gamefolder --- - Site: moddb com
After mounting/burning&using the Original ISO in a (virtual) drive you should use this *.7z-Zip file (extract gamefolder from there) - can be opened with any *.zip software like winzip or recommended (freeware) winrar. There is a pre-installed vanilla game folder of the original game including
- high resolution patch (MCX800x600.exe, MCX1024x768.exe, MCX1440x900.exe, MCX1920x1080.exe)
- patch 1.8
- editor extender patch (not important unless you can only use it while having it manually installed on your computer which is nearly impossible with newer systems, therefore a virtual machine emulating win98/winXP is needed).
Put game folder (MCX Original) in ur personal game directory and start game using its exe files while original ISO is mounted or disk is used to start cause exe files need disk to start game. Other tutorials recommend moving / copying files from CD/ISO into an empty folder as solution to play original MCG. I experienced that this cause some problems. The original game folder from moddb by magic comes handy because it has each update pre-installed and offers different resolutions to play. To install and run MCG both methods work. But the method using magic´s enhanced original game folder contains the better updated version in the end.

User campaigns as standalone versions

1. Exodus & Turncoat
 + high Resolutions

2. X-Ray & DSC Raid
 + high Resolutions

3. Xenocide & Bengal Lancers
+ high Resolutions
Install like you did with original high res game folder. The difference is that the original and expansion campaigns are overridden by user made campaigns.

Important Notice!
You can have all versions similar in different game directories - looks this way then:
C:\Urgamefolders\MCG Darkest Hours\
Already contains all other campaigns and missions merged into two large campaigns & multi-player patch. MCG DH - Guide
C:\Urgamefolders\MCG Original\
Needs an updated mixedtech-patch for clanpur/, multi-player maps, *.mpk file update & MCX.exe for gameranger to be able to play multi-player games. Very complicating way to install mp features.
C:\Urgamefolders\MCG Exodus\
C:\Urgamefolders\MCG X-Ray\
C:\Urgamefolders\MCG Xenocide\
Now just enter the folder of campaign u wanna play and start it's game.exe files to play them. After manually copied the folders once all games should work as standalone games. To play you need only to mount the *.ISO file before starting the "MCXResolution.exe" to play with desired resolution.

Lets play Mech Commander Gold - Original Missions Iron Man Walkthrough on Youtube by SeanLang)
Youtube Video - How to install MCG on Win10



Remastered Version 3.0: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours

Includes all Versions above as a one & Multi-Player MCX.exe (Original Version & Multi-Player Version, Xenocide&Bengal, Exodus&Turncoat & X-Ray&DSC-Raid campaigns) - FULL FUNCTIONALLY MERGED!

Already contains original *.ISO in game folder. For installing just extract the *.rar full game folder into your game directories and enter MCG Darkest Hours\ - you can comfortable mount iso inside folder and start a single-player game with the resolution game.exe file you desire. (1024x768 / 1280x768 recommended).

Mech Commander Gold - Darkest Hours (Fully remastered)

--- Direct Download Full Version ---
Download the major campaign merge and play 89 missions
in ONE CAMPAIGN (& 42 in expansion). Play the largest
- 130 playable Missions
- 2 merged campaigns (overriding Original & Expansion)
- 20 new warriors
- the longest MCG Soloplay Campaigns ever made
- new artwork
- 57 multi-player scenarios
- new mixedtech patch
- updates will be available


Sites & Tools for MechCommander Gold

- Extracted game - sourcefiles
A download containing the files from game's *.fst files in original root folder. It contains all files from
Art.fst, Mission.fst, Terrain.fst & others. It also includes extraction tools by cmunsta.

- Download the 30 Original campaign missions. Usable without mission data in MCG Map Editor
- Download my pkk work folder with instructions. How to edit *.pkk files
Tool for working with: *.PAK files of MCG
cMunsta´s tool to extract pak files.
- Github also contains many files for MCG (source)
Separated download including cmunstas extraction tools.
Mech Commander Extender Information
Mission Editor Extender informations (it's included in the original game folder to download above and some other sites in download sections u find above)
--- Extender download ---
MCG Tools Download
Including an update for Mission Extender (Campaign Modding)

- to play Multi-Player games with friends use gameranger
An MCG Online Community. They offer link to ISO download, mixed tech patch for original version & some multi-player maps that are playable on their versions. Most of the original Multi-Player Maps doesn´t function with this version. It offers a map-pack containing 20 multi-player maps inside. The Multi-Player feature of MCG Darkest Hours contains all of them with an updated version of Mixed-Tech patch and has an update for all original multi-player maps that exist ingame. With MCG - Darkest Hours you have 57 different mp scenarios to play. They are pre-installed and don´t need to be downloaded or updatet seperate on MCG - DH.
- Discussion forum on MechCommanderOnline

Other sites
-, Living mech commander community primary focused on Mech Commander 2 Modding
unofficial OmniTech-Mod. They have also valuable information about modding mech commander gold and collecting download links of all playable and available campaigns ever made.
- a fansite containing patches like 1.8. As mentioned above
You don´t need installing it when using magic´s game folders above cause these versions contain v1.8 pre-installed.
The most interesting download on this site is an update for the original game editor (editor2.exe). To find as download able *.zip file. It´s only interesting when u got the editor manually installed on your system or found a way to use it on newer systems.

- another fansite / offering updates for MCG Original
See above "MCX Original" contains v1,8, no need to install - installing it can corrupt game files and game wont start anymore. If you install the patches like map packs do it on a copy of original folder if you want to have the functionality of its campaigns untouched.
- a German fan site including Original ISO download
& contains some other files like older patches and some solo-missions / Multi-Player Map scenarios

Regards  RizZ
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