Author Topic:  4. Guides for Soundmod Creation (work in progress)  (Read 252 times)

10 May 17

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This thread will collect guides created by the community. Eventually we will have one primary guide that is agreed upon and posted in detail.  
Zaku's Guide for MWO Sound Modders

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10 May 17

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I'm going to post this so people that use guide before I update it wont wonder why they have a delay - read below

"i got the delay issue fixed btw its a problem with clearing the stock wavebank. you need to get the stock .fdp and add your sounds then delete the old ones till the original wavebank is cannibalized completely and you can build it again. if you delete all the sound defs until the original wavebank is gone and make your own, this is what causes the delay issue!"

delay issue is caused by following the step where I say to delete everything in the 'Sound Definitions' tab and remake the folder structure. Don't do this, just chuck your files into the correct folder, leave the folders you dont need blank, add new folders if you want, and delete only the old .wavs in the folders until the original wavebank contains only your new .wav files.

Don't delete all of the sound defs to clear the stock wave bank, you will end up with a new wave bank that causes delay.

I'll update the guide soon.