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MechCommander Modding / Re: MechCommander - Darkest Hours v4.0
« Last post by ice man on Today at 01:01 PM »
Thanks for the update, I will be looking forward to it.
MechCommander Modding / MechCommander - Darkest Hours v4.0
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 12:34 PM »
The final version of DH-Mod is in the making now!

After solving the last serious bug of expansion campaign i decided to start my work for the final standalone v4.0 of the mod. There will be only some small changes for the player - but they effort much time and testing again to be finally introduced. Here is a list of the content for the v4.0 update, when there are missing terms, please post your wishes here in order to make v4.0 better:

- all hotfixes from v3.0 full version
- Op2Mis13 of Expansion campaign bugfix
- new music for expansion campaign
- 130 new mission briefings for both campaign merges
- more bugfixes from worktable out of "bugreport" section
- possibly the one or other additional "mission" for expansion campaign

From today´s point of view version 4.0 is approximately available for players july / august 2018. Maybe earlier... - maybe later - depends on other priorities i have. But i am still very interested in all ideas you might have for game.

Regards RizZen
Good evening dear MechCommander community,

today i have good news for all fans of real time tactics. I finally found the needle in the haystock. It was a long - more than three month´s ongoing search but finally i could isolate the mistake and updatet my prototype version with it. The result is a full functioning Operation 3 in Expansion Campaign of my Darkest Hours - Modulation.

In the first place my subject was the "master" campaign file for expansion. All lines of file where correct. Then i thought it might be a problem with new created purchase files for merged campaign - negative, all entries where correct. Last option was xStart - the master file and its master-purchase indexes - i found no bugs. Today i´ve had the idea - while taking my breakfast - that mission fst files could be the reason for corrupted game at Op2Mis13. So there was minimum one of two certain missions at the end of second operation that might be the reason for game crashing at this moment after finishing Original Mission Op2Mis4 from expansion mission order.

So i extracted XRiz0204.fst and found a wrong terrain entry relating this mission with the original 0204 file - which caused the crash after you have finished the mission. I corrected the entry and recompressed the fst file in order to paste it into my prototype mcg-dh - and e voila: Mission works fine and game goes on without serious issues or crash showing the Operation movie of Operation 3, the final operation of MCG - Darkest Hours remastered game version.

It will take some time for me to update the full-version. But for people who can not wait i created the most wanted bug & hotfix for MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours, download below:

Operation 2 - Mission 13 - Hotfix - Download
Installation notice:
1. Download File
2. Copy file into MCG-Darkest Hours gamefolder (where the *.exe files for resolutions are)
3. Start game and load at Op2Mis12 savegame if you have one
4. Enjoy Operation 3

I know it took some time to find this last bug and that expansion couldn´t be finished before, but that most serious issue finally got solved now. Finally MCG-DH works with technically 100% original & expansion major campaign merges. The first big step is done. Now the focus will be on writing a new storyline for the whole game. As you can see all missions which got ever created and published for MCG are working in a single game standalone together giving MechCommander a better long time
motivation and possibilities to create each imagineable mech crew outmaxed at some point before certain campaign ends. This is my gift to the MechCommander / BattleTech community. I will inform about new storyline in other threads later. Although i am working on version 4.0 now. This version will include all single mission hotfixes, this last major hotfix, new music for expansion campaign, new purchase files for expansion and finally new mission briefings for ALL 130 campaign missions. The missions themselves won´t change neither the mission objectives. They will only logically match with the new background story for this part of timeline in battletech universe.
Last thing to say for me at the moment now is: THE WORST PART IS FINALLY DONE - what comes now is what many people could effort - updating mission briefings and rebalancing all purchases to fit in storylines order.

Regards RizZen
I'm honest when I say I never saw this bug before. My experiences with Windows 7/8 is rare... I have positive and negative feedback, especially windows 7 has problems with MCG.

For best performance I recommend using windows 98/2000/XP and 10.

Keep in mind that game only can be started with maximum desktop resolution. When ur desktop has 800x600 resolution all resolutions above won't work.
Nope sry I can't help with any MechWarrrior Game. I played the older ones but never attracted me that much cause my favourite are real time tactics.
Depending on MCG I listened for users wishes in the first place all the time.
Posting for my brother. Game works great on my system, not sure what's wrong with his. I have some ideas, but why not go to the masters?
All versions start up, play the initial startup screens (FASA, Microsoft) then it goes black and nothing more happens. Finally after waiting forever, he'll hit ESC and he gets this error.
running Windows 8.1 x64. Running the game in XP SP2 compatibility, I've had him adjust display settings as well as disable his audio Playback device. Nothing works. Please advise if possible.
its done by the guys who are doing MWO so from my experience, expect something... yet not everything you want.
RiZZen! Thanks man ! I saw that post you linked to but didnt think that the optional objective had to be completed.

Off i go!

ps: are you stoked for Battletech coming in april and Mechwarrior 5: mercenaries in december? I cried when i learned of MechW 5 :P
Mission Objectives

Have you seen this? Mission 1 was remastered by me. The old objectives aren´t enough to finish mission. You have to conquer south-west-island depot by crossing an originally non-existent bridge. But be careful, on the other side a Mad-Cat waits for attacking your mech-crew. I know objective has been shown as "optional" but on some installations this doesn´t work, don´t ask me why - mech commander source code is really annoying and physics too.
Hi ! 

I have DL your Darkest hour mod/standalone.

Yet i cannot finish mission one of the original merge? I complete all the objectives and there is no mission accomplished screen?

Playing on W7.

Anything i do wrong?
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