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27 Jun 17

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Hey there MWO fans,
UPDATE Safari Class Dropship Inbound:
July 22, 2017, 1030am-3pm.  Carlsbad Train Station Pickup/Dropoff.  BBQ and Beer, ~$110/person.  6 slots left.

I have been thinking how cool it would be to do a San Diego beer tour with some of the MWO fans out there in and around San Diego.  San Diego has a North County, Mid-Town and South County flavors of beer that are all great to taste.  We are legendary for our IPA's due to our crap water in town.  

I was chatting with Prophet OFC and Gimpy21 about it on Twitch, and I am making it happen before the summer slips away.  There are quite a few San Diego people, and a more from Southern California that may want to come down for a beer tour.  Some may be in town for Comic-Con.

Primary Objectives
  • San Diego beer tour for MWO fans.
  • Fill up a 12 person safari-battle-bus with MWO fans
  • Try to get a couple of the streamers together and stoke them out with free beer and fun for always entertaining us
Secondary Objectives
  • Make a game rig(s) available (my Gaming laptop is open to take with us on the tour for instance).
  • Finish with dinner at Ballast Point or Stone?
  • Check out Comic-Con area in the PM if we want

I put a deposit up a charter on one of these,I think this would be a perfect MWO beer tour bus:

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27 Jun 17

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Offline Prophet OFC

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<hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5> 


***ATTN All Mechwarriors in and around San Diego Combat Theatre***

Immediate assemblage of Company Sized task force required. Embark upon beer laden Jump Ship designation: Scavengers Pinzgauer

Eliminate all cold frothy beverages in sight across multiple combat zones 

Sensitive material and personnel may be on board! Be advised.
Respond to CO Tregtronics with combat availability and efficiency. 
Salvage Rights: Company forgoes salvage rights on this op in favor of bonus payout


Thank you for choosing ComStar
</hpgxmitnode 619dt760ncb33rbu5>

A hero goes to war victorious while a soldier goes to war hoping for victory.

27 Jun 17

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Offline Prophet OFC

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You know I'm down Tregtronics! Can't wait!
A hero goes to war victorious while a soldier goes to war hoping for victory.

29 Jun 17

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Offline Tregtronics

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I wanted to get some commitments before the 17th of July when I have to pay the rest of the balance, so that is the date to fill it up by.

  • Swiss Military Transportation (Safari Class Dropship)
  • Road Beers
  • 3-4 Beer Tasters at Each Stop
  • Famous Phil's BBQ or That Boy Good BBQ Meal
  • Production Tour at 1 Brewery
  • Beer Geek Tour Guide
  • Scavengers 6oz Souvenir Glass

To Bring:
  • I.D.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Camera
  • Tour Guide Gratuity (10-15% if deserved)

If anyone wants to come down from LA/OC, I can do pickups at the Oceanside train station, and help with logistics if you are in town from elsewhere.

If you are interested, send me a message on Twitch (Tregtronics) or hit me up in MWO (treggon), or send me an email at treggon at tregtronics dot com.  If you are more comfortable with Prophet OFC, hit him up.  

Thanks for all the support from NGNG, and their announcement on the Discord/Show yesterday.  That was great.  

Thanks Mechwarriors,